Apocalypse Now

Holy crap, Batman, didja think I wasn’t coming back? That’s what I thought for awhile. We made it through what I’m calling the preview of the Apocalypse — the last remains of Ike hit us here in Ohio with a hellacious windstorm Sunday afternoon on into Sunday night. We had winds clocked at 70 miles an hour and let me tell you the view out the sliding glass doors from the family room Sunday afternoon was pretty scary — trees bending farther than they should and crap flying in the air. Scared the pee-willy outta me. Power went out about 6:15 pm and didn’t come back on until late this afternoon — that’s longer than we’ve ever been without power and it’s not something I want to re-visit any time soon. I had just gone grocery shopping — and all that food had to be thrown out – gah – it is so not fun trying to get anything accomplished by candlelight, especially when all you have available are those funky little tealights that couldn’t light up a room if they tried. Fortunately I had finished my midterm exams so while I couldn’t use my computer, I could catch up on my reading (well, at least during the daylight hours). I understand now that I would have been a total failure as a housewife in the 1700’s — I need my modern conveniences. I was lost without my coffee until Devoted Spouse reminded me we had the grill and I had cast iron cookware we could use — yay -coffee! We managed to salvage some meat from the refrigerator before it went bad and cooked out one night – so we didn’t starve. Monday I took a drive to the doctor’s office which turned out to be closed due to no power in the building. It looked like a war zone out there in my community — trees uprooted, gutters hanging off houses, none of the stoplights were working. I cruised the town looking for a nice hot breakfast to share w/Devoted Spouse. Jeez Louise – there were only a few places in town that had power, gas stations included. What was open was packed — I mean packed — with a sea of panic-stricken humanity. I haven’t seen a run on a gas station this bad since the 1970’s when we all spent hours in line. It was really a bit scary — the only fast food joint, Burger King, had a full parking lot and cars lined up and down the street waiting to go through the drive thru. I went home and made peanut butter sandwiches and gave thanks that I still had running water.

Life is returning to normal now — there’s new food in the ‘fridge and the lights are on. The sound of chain saws has died down. This episode of bad weather really turned my world upside down — I simply can’t imagine the horror folks are experiencing in Texas — all I had was some missing electricity and some food that went bad — those folks have lost everything; some even their lives. Puts life in perspective, huh?

For those keeping track and sitting on the edge of your seat…I got an A on one midterm, a B on the other. Life goes on.


6 thoughts on “Apocalypse Now

  1. I was beginning to wonder! I didn’t think about the storm going through your state – I just thought you were buried in your studies. Holy, moly! Glad you made it through ok. Here I am in Texas, and we only had a little rain on Saturday, pretty mild in comparison. Yes, it does put life in perspective.

    Missed reading your updates – welcome back!

  2. Glad you are back and not too bad on the tests there lady.

    That kind of weather can scare you when you aren’t used to it. We get pretty bad storms with the tornadoes here in Kansas so I’ve been through a few of those type storms, not hurricanes but as close as I care to get. I agree, I love modern conveniences too much too and it’s a bummer when things don’t work.

    Don’t go that long without posting, I missed you.

  3. Carla – Be glad you don’t live in Galveston or Houston! I have never seen trees do what they did last Sunday – the power of the wind was just awesome to watch and when the trees snapped, you could just feel the raw power in the air. Yuk – don’t want to go there again!! 🙂

  4. Hey D – Kansas is pretty, but too flat for me – those tornadoes hit here in OH, too and I always get a bit creeped-out when the sky turns that peculiar shade of green and you can smell the ozone in the air. Glad to be back; it took me a few minutes to remember how to post my blog!! These old brains are a hoot! Cheers, L

  5. Yeah for Linda! See all the studying did pay off. So I take it moving to Florida wouldn’t be anything you would want to do anytime soon. Usually we get hit more than Texas, but lately they’ve really gotten it. I feel the same heartache for those people.

  6. Hey D – Thanks, study-good, goof off-bad – yeah, I’ll get that concept one of these days…Florida has some very neat aspects but there are the hurricanes to contend with, and those flying bugs. I don’t know that I’ll be happy anywhere – I have that need to complain regardless of where I live! 🙂 Linda

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