Out to Lunch

Well, my friends, I find I’m up against some nasty little deadlines this coming week – I face two midterm exams, one paper, 4 lectures, and over 500 pages of reading. So, in the interest of time management I must give the blog a rest and concentrate on my studies. Ms. “I have some free time; I’ll just snag myself a graduate degree” needs to crack the books and stop with the frivolity until after next Sunday’s exams. Kind thoughts and prayers are appreciated and definitely needed.

Crone and Bear It will be back; promise.


9 thoughts on “Out to Lunch

  1. Good luck on all of the work you have to do, I do not envy you the stress. Take care of yourself this week.

  2. MTAE – That spirit is alive and well believe me – I have now reached the panic stage where I drop out of denial, realize all the work in the world in looming over me and get my butt in gear. A half-hearted effort is an effort, nonetheless. LOL

  3. Aww man, this sucks! I just knew when you mentioned starting school… Yeah, I remember college when I had poor study habits and realized two weeks in, “We’re on chapter 20?!” And I hadn’t cracked a book. So you be responsible and make us proud and I’ll just wait here.

  4. hey swee’pea – Just let me get over the mid-term hump and then I’ll be my usual irreverant self again. I’m cramming all the info I can into this old feeble brain so I can spit it out on these exams. I’m too tired to be remotely humorous, but I’ll be back probably with a posting next Mon or Tues. Hang in there and keep us abreast of the doings of High Lord Barack Husein Obama, The Most Merciful. Hugs, Linda

  5. Linda, I don’t have an envious bone in my body, but I think I’m close to be envious of you at the moment. With all my heart I wish I had it within me to hie myself to the local Fort Pierce College Annex and sign up for a computer class. I’d like to be able to solve my own computer problems instead of relying on books I don’t understand, or on expensive home help. Should have done just that before I reached the age when merely going to the mailbox for the daily mail sometimes leaves me exhausted. So, take a hiatus now and then and keep learning all you can. We’ll wait.

  6. Thanks, Mary – I know our seniors here have an excellent opportunity to receive instruction on their computers through our local senior center – perhaps you have a center there? I’ll bet if you talked with someone at one of the local schools, they might be able to come up with a volunteer who would come and show you the ropes, too. If I lived closer, my dear, I’d come help you — I know how difficult technology can be!! Cheers, L

  7. EEK yet another fav blog going on hiatus!
    Take care, good luck with the studies!
    I will keep checking to see if you are back..

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