What Up?

In preparation for a few days away over the Labor Day Holiday, here are some quick updates on my life here in paradise.

I actually caught a fleeting glimpse of a couple of sheep hanging out by the farmer’s barn this morning – yippee – they’re ALIVE. I can rest easy now.

You may recall the lawn care nonsense episode the other day where I fired the chemical company in favor of a smaller, cheaper, not-quite-so-chemical company? Well tomorrow I will be firing the lawn mowing guy — the one I wrote so nicely about did me wrong big time today and he will be paying for this massive customer service error by not only losing my business but I will also be making a call to our Better Business Bureau. This little son of a gun went back on his word and is now trying to extort money from me. Oh no my precious – don’t mess with a redheaded stepchild — ever! I love the power of being able to fire someone. That’s not real nice, but I’m being truthful. Too bad we can’t fire everyone who we find irritating. The down side is Devoted Spouse will have to get the lawn mower out of mothballs for a few more mowings this year until I can hire a new lawn mower guy for next season. I have the utmost faith in his cutting abilities.

What else is percolating with me? School is not as enjoyable as I had hoped. In fact, I’m extremely stressed over several upcoming papers I have due, and a ton – I do mean TON – of reading that is starting to pile up. Fortunately, my insomnia has returned big time and I’ll probably get some extra reading done while I’m up at 3 a.m. I have a test I need to take in the next 24 hours and I’m concerned I haven’t crammed quite enough useless bits of worthless information into my brain in anticipation. Plus, I’ve committed to a quick trip down memory lane for Devoted Spouse — we’re dashing over to West Virginia (his home) to catch up with a buddy of his. I only hope his buddy understands when I walk in with my arms full of books and a laptop. School waits for no man (or woman).

EmmaLou, the Golden Destroyer, was paying particularly close attention as I called the kennel and begged for a last minute reservation at their Labor Day Weekend packed facility. Puhleeze, puhleeze, I promise she’ll be good. When they agreed, I started measuring out appropriate amounts of yummy kibble in a special Tupperware container and the result is EmmaLou knows what’s coming. Trusty canine companion stole my flip-flop to let me know she’s a bit peeved right now. So it’s no sleeping on the bed tonight for her; back into the big black crate she goes.

That’s my life in a nutshell for now — Even though I’ll have my laptop with me on the trip, it’s going to be otherwise engaged in school-type activity. So, Crone and Bear It is on hiatus and will return some time next week.

Ya’ll take good care – if you drive over Labor Day, don’t drink – I need all the readers I can get.


7 thoughts on “What Up?

  1. Linda: When I was a real boss (meaning grown ups, not kids) I used to enjoy firing people, BUT only after I realized that people actually fire themselves, I just did the paper work.

    Have a great weekend, de-stress and get some sleep!


  2. You are one tough cookie! I couldn’t do school at this age. I love to learn new things but I have a very narrow scope of interest. I seem to be more ADD in my old age then when I was younger and I always was one of those students that did well in subjects I enjoyed and not so good in the others.
    Don’t study too hard, it is after all a holiday weekend so have some fun.

  3. Yes, I am one tough cookie – but I just took my first exam and even though I studied till the cows came home, I only pulled a 74 out of 100 – I’m very disappointed – I was a straight A student in my bachelor’s – Master’s is soooo much harder (whine, whine) – I really choked and all the dates and names just floated out of my head. Oh well. Life is too short to worry about one test, huh? Thanks for the kind words, ladies — sending hugs to you both! Linda

  4. Linda, now, don’t worry too much about that 74 because very soon you are going to get the hang of it. And I truly believe when people like us go for a masters we will get the top grade. You just have to get in the groove and let me tell you it takes some when you are grown and you have other responsibilities besides school. I finally got it all together that first semester and then it was a piece of cake after that. I never allowed me to get less than an A and all final grades were A’s for a 4pt average. But one thing is for sure, you gotta learn how to sleep. Sleep is the most important thing to think and in grad they will teach you how to think but not to sleep!! My best of luck! Frank

  5. Frank – Thank you so much – your kind words are very helpful – I’m just beating myself up too much over this school thing. Often I simply place too high an expectation on myself and I can never live up to it. I studied hard while I was on my trip, and I’m about to crack open the books again – as my friend Scarlett said…Tomorrow is another day!
    Hugs, Linda

  6. What a delight this blog is! Come to think of it, I’ve become acquainted with several delightful people through blogging. Felt a little down today because of my disappointment in a family who has lived to the back of my house. I’ve put a bit of that on my blog. Visiting you, Paisley and a couple of other friends has helped to cheer me up.

  7. Hi Mary – Welcome back – I look forward to catching up with your blog! Thanks for the compliment – Aren’t we lucky to meet so many nice friends through blogging? Writing my blog is such a wonderful outlet for me. And it always seems when I’m lowest and thinking of chucking this blog, my buddies come along and prop me up again! Hugs, Linda

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