A Mini-Rant

So we just finish one spectacle (the Olympics) and we jump right into another one (Democratic convention) and I have to rant just a little. Money, money, money — it seems to be so much about money these days. I can’t fathom for the life of me why a presidential election has to cost so many millions and millions of dollars – we as stewards of the American way simply must find a way to put an end to this tremendous waste of money. Children are hungry in this country, people don’t have health insurance, many have lost their homes – and not all of them being foreclosed out of their own fault, either. People are losing their jobs as more and more manufacturing leaves the U.S. And here we have two political parties — two political opponents — two political conventions running up hundreds of millions of dollars in waste. And for what? It makes me sick to think of how many people could be helped to have a better life rather than big corporations heaping gobs of money on a waste-of-good-air political nonsense. There must be a way to pare down this process and make it mean something once again. Perhaps we can start by banning television ads. And, let’s destroy all the signage – I’m sick of seeing the signs in yards and everywhere else. Waste, waste, waste thy name is politics.


9 thoughts on “A Mini-Rant

  1. There was one difference between the two candidates that I found fascinating. Senator Obama did not take public money yet was criticized for it. Then the RNC put out a new defination of the meaning of “torture”….it is now refered to as “Enhanced interrogation techniques”. So according to their own definition it means Senator Mc Cain was never tortured while being held as a prisoner of war in Vietnam.

    Personally, the worst of all is the name calling…no matter which side it comes from.

    Thanks for a great post.


  2. Hi Michelle – Welcome to my world. Love your avatar! I’m sick of the name calling too but if they run out of them, I have a few extra… 🙂 Linda

  3. Linda…I ‘m glad you like the photo of Jenny! She was just a tiny little thing when I took this photo. She was so small, she fit inside the Pepsi box.

    I sent that photo to Pepsi and they ‘rewarded’ her with a monetary ‘gift’ certificate’ for dog toys

    (((Hugs))) back to you, too!


  4. The whole system is out of control and NO ONE really has our interests at heart. They say they do, but we all know that they most certainly do not.

    Think of how many excellent people (men and women) can never serve this great country because they just can’t raise enough money.

  5. I hate politics period. Too many empty promises spread out for us to try and pin down. I wish this election was over with already. We can only hope that whichever candidate wins is at the very least, better than George W. and ends this war soon. Maybe this country can finally get back to some semblance of what it once was.

  6. Well, of course I love politics, but I do agree with the money. I have written myself about the fact that unless you are rich and can also raise obscene amounts of money you can never be president. And I also wonder why it is that the parties think showing us the same commercials over and over again in every commercial break will sway us. Perhaps they are trying to brain numb us and we will act zombie like at the polling place. Uh oh, that little bit of conspiracy popped out – sorry.:)

  7. MTAE – It’s simply obscene to me that we can’t get a qualified candidate because they don’t have enough money to get in the race – obscene. Our presidential election process is a travesty.

  8. delaney55 – hey girl – isn’t it sad that we simply want someone who won’t screw up as bad as W did? That’s pitiful in my book. That’s settling and as long as that’s our criteria we will continue to put buffoons and womanizers in control of our future. Gah.

  9. Donna – The commercials ARE brain numbing and they’re patronizing as well. Hmmm maybe we should rethink that monarchy thing…

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