Who Ya Gonna Call?

The incidents in this house where things stop working for no apparent reason are starting to get out of control. Today I lost my digital phone service and the internet service disappeared — right when I was trying to get an assignment done for school. Talk about panic. At times I wonder if this house is possessed – am I the subject of a haunting? Or just incredibly stupid luck?

When I couldn’t log into school, I checked the phone which was also out, then found the number for our cable company and made a call using my cell phone. I figured it’s Sunday afternoon and no one will even answer the phone. Well, I was well taken care of customer-wise – what a surprise. What is funniest about this latest glitch in electronics/technology is the problem wasn’t the fault of the cable company. Nor was the fault with the modem – what actually happened is one of the outlets on my surge protector suddently stopped working. And it was the outlet I used for the cable/phone modem.
How odd is that? Why that particular outlet?

I’m thinking it’s about time to call in an exorcist. Well, first I’ll invest in a new surge protector. But then I’m callin’ in the big guns.


6 thoughts on “Who Ya Gonna Call?

  1. How right you are, my friend. I’d also like an entourage to cater to my every whim, but I don’t see that happening any time soon. So I shall continue to figure this stuff out on my own. Sigh…

  2. Linda,
    So sorry about all the breakdowns. I know the frustration. The month of July was horrendous. The riding mower, the starter on the car, the truck (ABS brake light stays on…I don’t like ABS braking system, so I just let it shine) and on it seems to go…
    Sorry about the A/C…that is really hard to do without…
    Maybe, getting one of those puppies would take your mind off of things. *smile*

  3. You know me and conspiracies – it’s a government conspiracy. They don’t want you gaining smarts, you must be dumbed down. Check for bugs in the house – hey, I bet that was the problem with the phone. Yes, Linda, move now before you have to start wearing tin foil!

  4. Hi Shadowlands – you know me…I keep on smiling coz I know God is just pulling my leg a little but He sure is tempting me with those puppies. 🙂 Hugs, L

  5. Hey Donna – I personally am convinced it’s the Democrats and Hitlery is behind all of it. 🙂 Wait a minute, you didn’t take off the foil, did you??!!!

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