Kibbles & Bits

EmmaLou, the Golden Destroyer, almost had a new sibling today.  There is a farmhouse down the street from us and out in front of the house is a big red posterboard advertising new Lab/Mix puppies.  I’d seen the sign the other day and managed to ignore it.  Today, as I was at the 4-way stop sign waiting for folks to get through the intersection I looked off to my right and spied the pups outside in a big pen just frolicking and having a good old time.  Screeeeech went my brakes.  I wannapuppy I wannapuppy I wannapuppy.  Sweet merciful heavens was it ever difficult to keep my car going straight through the intersection and away from those pups.  That car wanted to turn right into the farmhouse driveway in the worst way.

I came home a different route.  I’m not stupid…just a bit weak.  It’s amazing how hard it is sometimes not to give in to what we want.  I know how it is with puppies…you touch ’em, you take ’em home.  Be strong mama, be strong.  Wait — I can’t get a sibling for EmmaLou; Devoted Spouse already took out the papers for the week so there’s nothing to use for housebreaking a puppy.  Whew, that was a close one…


4 thoughts on “Kibbles & Bits

  1. That’s why we have Marvin! Can’t leave a baby alone out in the wild or in a pen in your case? By the way, you can buy housebreaking pads at Wal-Mart. You know you wanna puppy , na nana boo boo, you know you wanna puppy!!

  2. I sure know the temptation. I love baby animals…puppies, kitties, ANYTHING!
    An email pal of mine is babysitting her sis’s TWO Staffordshire terrier puppies ; they are HELLIONS!!
    I adore puppies, but they ARE just like babies, without the benefit of diapers…lol!
    So stay strong!

  3. Thanks, Merri – I am staying sane by concentrating on how much I want to redecorate my living and dining rooms – new carpet – and I simply can’t allow any more doggie damage. Rationalizing as fast as I can…

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