Are You Ready for Some Football?

I always know when it’s time for football season to get in gear again.  That’s when I start to go through my various team shirts and drool.  It’s when I look for shoulder pads – and I’m not talking about the ones still in the old work suits hanging in my closet.  Football season — I can almost feel it — the Sunday afternoons on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn, the remote in my grasp, and the Washington Redskins on the big screen.  Okay, so it’s not a big screen and the dog gets most of the popcorn.  I still control the remote on Redskins days. 

I know – I live in Ohio and I should be paying attention to either the Cincinnati Bengals or the Cleveland Browns.  Well, I’ve spent the last 15 or so years trying to be a Cleveland Browns fan — I have the shirts even.  But they’re not the Redskins. Yes, they have the Dawg Pound…but they’re just not the Hogs.   I have never been able to get behind the Bengals — okay, I enjoyed Boomer Esiason for awhile, but really I have no respect for a team with tiger stripes.  It’s just too much like watching Tony the Tiger and then I want cereal.  No, it’s the Redskins for me, now and forever.  It’s my  heritage; it’s in my DNA; it’s where I’m from. 

The other day I had thrown some jeans and my Skins shirt on to make a run to Target.  As I was walking into the store this lady starts shouting at me – “Hey I love your shirt.  Go Redskins!”  At first it didn’t register; she couldn’t possibly be yelling at me — wait, did she mention the Skins?  She did – she IS yelling at me.  OMG there’s one other Redskins fan in the state of Ohio besides myself.  Sweet.

So if you’re a Dallas Cowboys fan, don’t even bother leaving a comment; it will likely be obnoxious and I’ll have to delete it.  This blog is 100% Washington Redskins territory.  And now with Gibbs back in racing and out of the way, we’re gonna have a good year.

4 thoughts on “Are You Ready for Some Football?

  1. Okay, so I won’t mention another football team, but how about baseball? That’s a great sport! I can see you hurling popcorn at me. Actually, I wanted to say I know the feeling only in regards to baseball. I grew up in Colorado so the Rockies are my team. I’ve tried to get into the Marlins and the Devil Rays, but you just can’t break the team you are really devoted to – it is in the blood.

  2. I m on the edge of Redskin Country here and it isn’t looking like a very promising season…

    Their QB is impressive and the defensive savior/Dancing wiht the Starts veteran had to be carted off last night.

    But a true fan sticks with them…I have been a Lions’ fan since I could walk. I think that I am the only one.

  3. I’m patient – I’ve seen them rock and I’ve seen them look like schoolkids. I’m prepared to wear the requisite bag over my head should the occasion arise. I will never leave them. Hmmm, I had to stop and think for a moment who the Lions were. Nah – only kidding!

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