It’s Raining Sweat and I’m Cranky

So what happens when the temperature outside finally hits the 90 degree mark?  Of course, the air conditioning goes on the fritz.  Let’s just add one more electrical appliance type thingie to stop working around this house.  It’s been a rough twenty-four hours let me tell you.  Hotter than the hubs of hell in this house — even with ceiling fans and floor fans – I still couldn’t cool down enough to sleep.  Then I got this bright idea — off to the freezer I went in search of gel packs which I wrapped in tea towels and popped in plastic ziploc bags then slipped those between my pillowcase and pillow and laid my poor drenched head on that nice cold pillow.  Ahhhhhh. 

I begged and pleaded with the Air Conditioning gods who know they always hold all the cards.  Thankfully, this afternoon they sent over a nice British gentleman named Simon (of course it’s always Simon or Nigel – what is with the Brits and their names) who fixed the problem and then alerted us to the fact that our AC unit was on its last legs.  And of course what with the fridge that’s acting up, the new computers and various other repairs in this house, I’m about to be sent to debtor’s prison.  I pray I can coddle the air conditioner until next year – I heard a rumor of $8,000 to replace this unit and, well, you can imagine how sickening that sounded to me.

So, once again I’m foiled by equipment and machinery.  I’m ready to go buy a piece of land in the hinterlands somewhere and live in a yurt.  Sigh…


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