Madame Butterfly

Although I haven’t been deep in schoolwork for quite a week yet, today I felt the need to do something completely different. The days of summer are getting shorter and shorter and I thought a jaunt in one of the local parks would be a good idea. So I packed up Devoted Spouse and off we went to a nice place called Cox Arboretum, one of our metro parks.

Having never visited this park before, I had no idea just how lovely the grounds were. As we arrived, I noticed strategically placed large signs informing patrons there were NO PETS allowed in this park. So much for ever bringing the trusty canine companion out here for a romp around the pond. After we parked and started looking around I understood the no pets policy; these grounds are just beautifully landscaped and EmmaLou could conceivably do some serious chomping on the flowers.

We toured the nice gift shop noting items to add to various Christmas lists. Then it was off to the wilds to do some flower and bird watching. There are several paths that lead to meadows and wild areas holding lots of potential picture possibilities. Devoted Spouse was in search of the bird blind (I had visions of teeny little guide dogs, but I digress) and when we finally stumbled upon it, there were no birds to be found. It’s been rather dry here for awhile, and apparently there was once a nice little pond around this bird blind — today it was only dirt and scruffy weeds. Well, the walk did us good.

After the bird blind, we followed the signs to the Butterfly House. That sounded like a capital picture-taking opportunity to me. The Butterfly House is not a house, but a small enclosed screened-off area replete with flowering plants and butterflies. In the middle of the Butterfly House was a built-up area where the resident volunteer, or Butterfly Lady, was hanging out explaining butterfly-type things to some visitors. I was busy photographing the little buggers (they just don’t stay still long at all) and Devoted Spouse was wandering up ahead. He thought it would be funny to smack his hands together and loudly say, “Got him!”  He’s such a scamp.

So, now it’s back to my scholarly endeavors again. Papers to write, lectures to watch. Bear with me if I don’t post here as often as I’d like — this studying thing is taking entirely too much of my time.


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