All in All it’s Just Another Brick in the Wall

Even though I’ve already been hard at my studies, today is the first official day of school for me. The good news is I haven’t commited hari kiri yet, but I am in the grips of brother Murphy and his Law. Seems the university is having serious server issues and many of the distance learning students (such as myself) are unable to log into the university. I’m thankful I prepared early and as soon as the classes were loaded, I set about downloading every scrap of information I could find and filling several notebooks with syllabi, upcoming assignments, and tons of research material. Alright, I’m a tad obsessive, mea culpa.

I’m just so out of practice school-wise and I remember not-so-fondly how panic-stricken I became when faced with falling behind in reading or writing numerous research papers. Well, I’ve read all I’m supposed to read for both classes for this first week, I’ve written about 300 words toward one of the two discussion board questions required, I’ve prepared another summary assignment due this week, and I only have about 4 DVD lectures left to digest and one more discussion board question to write — all by Thursday. And, I can’t log into the university website where my classes are located. Ack-ack. I feel a furball coming up.

Ah yes, who was it who told me graduate work would be easier and I could handle a couple of classes at a time? Hmmm, I distinctly recall that comment coming from Devoted Spouse. Color him surprised as he once again becomes chief cook and bottle-washer. Tuna surprise — I can’t wait.


3 thoughts on “All in All it’s Just Another Brick in the Wall

  1. Maybe you could buy Devoted Spouse a copy of the cookbook “A Man With a Can” and he might come up with some new “surprises” for you. At least they would be new surprises. Bon Appetite.

  2. I did – he grills a mean beer can chicken – but you can’t eat that night after night, ya know?

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