Taking Green to New Heights…or Depths

I read an article the other day about a man in Los Angeles who is keeping his trash for one year as a study of consumerism. Yes, I said he’s keeping his trash. Apparently the trash is taking up residence in his basement, much to the dismay of his wife.

The article was accompanied by a picture of this gentleman sitting on his basement steps amidst quite a collection of plastic and glass bottles and a large box of plastic food containers can be seen at the bottom of the picture. It was some of the other items of trash which caught my attention.

As he spoke of keeping all his trash, my mind was filled with some not so nice images; he went on to clarify, thankfully, that items of a more toxic nature, such as toilet paper or fish wrappers, are logged into his blog and then actually thrown out. I will sleep much easier tonight knowing this guy is not actually keeping his squares of tp; however, the idea he is counting them and logging them in his blog is disturbing in and of itself. He deals with food scraps by composting them.

I’m not sure what the goal is here — it should be painfully clear in far less than a year how much stuff we throw out and how much of our garbage goes to the landfill. I have a sneaking suspicion his basement has more than containers and trash; I’m thinking he might have some rodents or roaches dancing in the dark. Ugh. Devoted Spouse and I will just keep throwing out our trash, thank you.


3 thoughts on “Taking Green to New Heights…or Depths

  1. I seem to recall someone who actually made their home out of recycled stuff. Now there is dedication! Not just stuffing the junk downstairs where it can’t bother you, but living right in the middle of it. No honey, that’s not the pet gerbil running under the bed.

  2. ick, ick, and again, ick — As a struggling young person, I lived in a tacky apartment at the beach. Every evening the entertainment was watching the rats run along the baseboard heating and hoping that when I got up in the morning, at least one would be in the trap. I don’t ever want to revisit that, so no trash hoarding for me!!!

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