Weird Collections

Thanks to the power of blogs, I found this website called The Condiment Packet Gallery.  This guy has a collection of hundreds of those little ketchup-filled packets we all pick up at the local fast food place.  It’s quite an interesting site – to see it click  Here.

His collection led me to the door of my refrigerator and my own collection of condiments – but not in packets.  What I found bothered me a little.  It seems my refrigerator door is where jars of jelly go to die, because there are certainly enough of the little guys stashed there.







Either we need to eat more pb&j, or Devoted Spouse needs to up his intake of toast for breakfast.  So, what’s on the door of your refrigerator?



6 thoughts on “Weird Collections

  1. For some strange reason we have MANY half used jars of condiments.
    Most are for Chinese food(H is Canadian/chinese).
    It is shocking how many there are.
    Like you I wonder if they do go there to die!

  2. Hi Merri – What’s really disturbing is I only took a pic of two shelves – you truly don’t want to see the rest of them! *grins* Linda

  3. Six Smuckers products, three different kinds of mustard and and two flavors of barbeque sauce.

    You could have your own Smuckers commercial. How do you decide which one to use?

  4. It’s rather scary…my door has mostly fat.. 😦 Quarter sticks of butter, margarine, squeeze butter and the spray on stuff. Is that not scary?? And the kicker is..I rarely put any of this on my food!! I bake (when I bake) with the quarter sticks but Gosh darn, we accumulated a gosh darn amount of this stuff! I’m guessing Hubby expects me to bake something, sometime soon….
    Can I get away with saying..”fat chance?”

  5. That’s too funny! I have that stuff too; you just didn’t see THAT shelf! 🙂

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