I’m Alright, Betty

Life is calmer at Chez Croneandbearit today.  Devoted Spouse has decided on a new computer and will be off to visit his buds at Circuit City shortly.  Yay!!  Even so, there is the possibility of a minor tussle – so I brought out the big guns – school.  My seminary classes were finally loaded on the web last night – and that means my laptop is firmly ensconced in my crap room/home office doing printing duty as I download lectures and assignments.  If he unplugs it and takes it downstairs I will have to bop him on his cute nose.

Whew!  I can see the light at the end of the laptop tunnel. 

Which brings me to my other subject of note today – school.  I spent the better part of 3 hours last night downloading lectures, assignments, setting up notebooks, and I’m only through the preparations for one class.  I still have another one to prepare for.  What was I thinking??  Two classes at a time?  Okay, I took double classes with my Bachelor’s and I was working full time, but they didn’t seem as intense as what I am now taking.  So, I’m in the panic mode – classes officially start next Monday and I still have time to finish preparing and get a jump on the first week’s assignments — four discussion boards, two papers, 4 DVD lectures, and about 500 pages of reading material.  Plus, I need more printer ink and more dividers for my notebooks — yippee a trip to Office Depot for me! 

It’s just never quiet here, ya know?


3 thoughts on “I’m Alright, Betty

  1. On top of all of the registration and tuiton cost and fees, you sure have a lot of stuff (and costs) from your pocket too.

    If you don’t have as much classroom time and overhead costs by the school, are the tuiton cost still going higher and higher there too?

    It seems like the schools are having to do less and less each semester, but the costs get higher and higher.

  2. Yes, it’s costing me more than I anticipated but not on the tuition itself. I got a really good deal from the Seminary for this particular program – $250 a credit hour. I don’t know anyone who offers that. But — and there’s always a but…books and materials are running me close to $200 a course. This university has some additional charges for their distance learning programs, but my costs have been waived because of Devoted Spouse’s military service (yay!) I think in many cases your observation is correct – less and less service for more and more costs, but IMHO my school’s tuition and costs for services is not out of line.

  3. Best of luck in your studies. That’s exciting! Me, I’ll just live vicariously through my kids …

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