Little Known, Less Cared About, Olympic Factoids

Since it’s Olympics time, let’s talk about the little known areas of Olympics history.  For example, did you know there were Olympic sports that are no longer in the program?  How about live pigeon shooting?  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, in 1900 live pigeons were released and shooters tried to see how many they could decimate.  That lasted only one year.  But it was a great year for appetizers… 

Up until 1932 there was an event for rope climbing where competitors used only their hands and jockeyed to see who could reach the top first.  Yawn…

By 1920 the exciting event known as tug-of-war ended.  It was your standard two teams of eight pulling a rope six feet.  It was unclear whether or not a mudpit was involved.

In 1900 the Olympics celebrated the last underwater swimming event.  Apparently there were points awarded for how far the swimmers went and how long they stayed under.  With the addition of an obstacle course, and Rosie O’Donnell holding her breath, this could have been an exciting event.

In 1906 there was a dueling pistol event.  Frock-coated mannequins were the victims.  The event proved to be not well attended when it was learned no politicians would be shot.

The 56-pound weight throw last appeared in 1920.  The issue wasn’t the 56-pound weight so much as the 275 pound Bulgarian woman who was doing the actual tossing, especially when it came to light that the 56-pound weight actually was a dwarf.

Little know Olympic snippets.  Stick around — I’ll have more in four years.

2 thoughts on “Little Known, Less Cared About, Olympic Factoids

  1. I don’t think you like the Olympics at all there Linda, but that’s okay, I haven’t watched any and probably won’t. About the only thing that interests me is gymnastics and I just can’t get that enthused this year. Though… if they had that dwarf throwing competition I just might watch for the out-takes. I know…I’m a bad old broad…but I love it!

  2. I’m not that crazy about summer Olympics – I like to watch the winter skiing and that’s about it. There were so many strange Olympic events I couldn’t put them all in one post – it’s weird how our tastes change over the years. The one thing I can’t understand that has been around forever is synchronized swimming. What a yawn. L

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