Maybe I’ll Sleep In

So what do you do when you can’t sleep?  Watch bad tv of course.  It’s quiet here – Devoted Spouse conked out ages ago and trusty canine companion is sawing logs on the couch.  I have the bug eyes of one who doesn’t stand a chance in heck of drifting off to sleepville any time soon. 

Here’s what should have put me to sleep by now – Brooke Knows Best.  Gah.  Remember Hogan Knows Best?  Yes, I confess I actually watched a few of the episodes thinking it couldn’t possibly get worse and, of course, it got worse.  Now the family has melted down completely and the daughter is doing her own reality show.  It’s so bad it’s painful. 

From there I clicked onto the opening parade of the Olympics.  OMG how boring can it get?  Pretty boring.  I thought maybe the outfits would at least be interesting but the best I found were the Russian women busting out of suits – just horrid.  The U.S. team came in wearing blazer-topped outfits Ralph Lauren whipped up.  Preppy and utterly devoid of any wow-factor.  The only color was in our flag.  Even some of the outfits the pseudo-designers on Project Runway came up with the other night would have been better.  Boring.

On to Cesar and his dog whispering.  I used to think he was a cutie-pie.  Now I think he’s just odd — and it’s a good thing he’s so famous because I can’t imagine how much it costs per week to feed all those dogs.  Calm-submissive, yeah yeah yeah.  Still not sleepy.

CNN and Fox News are all over the John Edwards story – how tacky.  Okay, he lied.  Big deal; he’s a politician so it probably was second nature to him.  The news wags claim Edwards “owes” it to the Democratic Party to get a paternity test.  We have lost all our marbles, I’m convinced, if we think this is big news.  Brett Favre being traded to the NY Jets, now that’s news.


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