Extreme Gardening

While driving around, I noticed an unusual take on the Green concept.  I call it gutter gardening. 


4 thoughts on “Extreme Gardening

  1. Hey, that could be done at my house and maybe it wouldn’t die! I am the world’s worst gardener and kill everything I touch, heck you put a dandelion in a pot and bring it in the house and I’ll kill it. ;-}

    Is this masterpiece close to you??

  2. It doesn’t show up online quite as well as in person – it’s hysterical to see all this crap growing out of the gutter. Obviously the house is empty. It’s about 5 miles away from us in an older neighborhood. You notice I don’t post pics of my own garden??!! not a pretty sight. *grins* L

  3. For one ofour projects, we replaced a whole neighborhood of gutters. Of the 368 houses, over 100 of them had trees (with bark) growing out of them. After two years, they haven’t cleaned out the new gutters and we are almost at the same point we were at then.

  4. This house is on a road with probably 4 or 5 houses all having trees sprouting out of the gutters. At least one of the houses is empty, but the others aren’t and unless the owner is old and decrepit and too senile to ask for assistance, the real problem is laziness.

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