Da Pen, Da Pen

Most households have problems with missing socks in the laundry. Not mine. In my household what disappears the quickest is the mighty pen. That’s right — hundreds of disposable Bic pens, Sharpies, and other ballpoint brands just disappear. I used to think Devoted Spouse took them to work but I checked his cubicle and he wasn’t the culprit. Then I thought maybe it was our friends stopping by for a quick sip’o’suds glomming onto the Bics on their way out. And then I even began to wonder if EmmaLou, the Golden Destroyer, had a hand, or a paw, in this – she does so love to chew on plastic.

What I actually discovered will shock and disgust you. I know I’m shocked and disgusted. The pens never left the premises. There were no alien abductions involved. I found the pesky little Bics and their other ballpoint buddies where I least expected; my handbags. That’s right — they were having a ballpoint convention in the closet and I busted it up good. Oh they thought they could hide behind lipstick tubes or combs and one even held onto a watch for dear life.  I found two pens cowering behind a bottle of ibuprofen – yeah, like the ibuprofen is gonna take the fall.  I pulled out each Bic offender from its hiding place deep within those purses, and I’m happy to say they are all safe where they should be; in kitchen drawers, on my crap room table, and I tossed a few in the nightstand for good measure.  Now they are write, I mean right, where they belong.  I snapped this pic of them for posterity.  They won’t fool me again.


5 thoughts on “Da Pen, Da Pen

  1. That’s the story of my life! I must confess, I’m sure I have 10 in my purse right now…though they are likely all from work! I hope you’re studies are going well! (Have you started yet?)

  2. Hi tiachristina – Classes start 18 Aug and I’m so excited to begin. Thanks for stopping by! Linda

  3. Now here you were complaining about everybody else, including your poop puppy dog, and you were the offender….for shame Linda, for shame…

    Devoted Spouse gets a free pass on the weekend because of that, no taking out the trash for him and you should have to take puppy for a walk. Raise Eyebrows 3

  4. Yikes D, here’s hopin’ he doesn’t see this coz I don’t wanna take out the trash…whine, whine…and the puppy goes out toooo early for me…whine, whine… okay, you’re right. mea culpa.
    *grins* L

  5. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

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