We’ll Just Pretend Monday Didn’t Happen This Week

I just wanted to have a nice quiet evening, maybe watch a little Big Bang Theory, eat a Weight Watcher’s ice cream sandwich.  That’s not asking too much.  It’s been such a stressful day of email issues and stupid cable people.  Errands that should have taken only an hour took several hours.  The highway was closed down due to a horrid accident.  Then Lawn Guy comes to the house, actually comes into my house to announce he just got out of the hospital and is still recovering from a MRSA infection.  Gah.  MRSA!!  There wasn’t enough soap available in the entire neighborhood to scrub Devoted Spouse and me after Lawn Guy left.  Ick, ick. 

So I didn’t think it was asking too much just to play some Hearts on my laptop while waiting for the arrival of Sheldon and Leonard on tv.  Then I heard the screaming from Devoted Spouse in the family room.  Trusty canine had struck yet again.  I flung the laptop onto the nearest end table, sprung out of the recliner, ran to the family room hollering all the way, “What in Hades is going on out here?”  only to discover one of my fairly new couch pillows in pieces.  The Golden Destroyer ate my pillow – Gah – just when I think she’s over this ridiculous dog phase of eating everything in sight, she pulls another EmmaLou stunt.  I threw her golden butt out the back door thinking she just had an unusual amount of canine energy and running around the yard would help burn it up.  So what did she do?  Chased rabbits into a patch of poison ivy.  Did I mention Devoted Spouse is highly susceptible to poison ivy?  So, now the trusty canine is back inside and I’m hoping she doesn’t brush up against the happy hubby. 

It’s simply too much for my feeble brain to handle.  I need a time out.  I’m going to go hide in my crap room and read my vampire story.  The one I bought today at Borders and told the clerk it was a gift for my daughter because I was too embarrassed to admit I’m reading this teen tripe myself.  Ack-ack. 

Calgon, take me away…


7 thoughts on “We’ll Just Pretend Monday Didn’t Happen This Week

  1. Tough day in the neigborhood, eh? Yes, sounds like you need Calgon AND a nice bottle of wine!

    My dogs have finally outgrown the destroying phase. If I can just keep Fritz from maiming the frogs, lizards and any critter that dares step, or hop, into his territory. He’s a terrier, so not much chance of that. I always know he’s found something when I call him in from the horrid heat, and he doesn’t come running!

  2. oh no about the lawn guy…
    You should be pretty safe though as he wouldn’t be discharged from the hospital unless he was deemed bug free!?
    Yikes about the Golden destroyer! Is she quite young?
    My first visit to your blog! It looks fun!

  3. Hi Carla – WINE! Why didn’t I think of that! The way my day has gone I’d probably get the cork stuck in the bottle. Tomorrow has to be better! *grins* Linda

  4. Hi Merri – Thanks for visiting my humble blog. I think what really got me was Lawn Guy’s description of the drain that was still in his arm. Ick factor 7. The Golden Destroyer is 4.7 years old – this chewing is getting sooooo old, and sooooo expensive. Come back often! Hugs, Linda

  5. My poison ivy issue get worse each year. I used to be alright with it, but then…TOXIC. The same thign happened with shellfish.

    Days like the one you had are the one’s that make me want to dig a hole and hide in the backyard. I guess the “Destroyer” would just dig you out…

  6. Hi MTAE – That’s how Devoted Spouse is w/poison ivy – it’s TOXIC. He swells up larger than Popeye’s arms and it’s not pretty. He’s recovering from a mild case he caught while we were fishing so you can understand very well why I’m trying to keep the dog away from him. She’s off to the groomer in about 10 minutes and that will help. I’m so happy it’s Tuesday, even if it IS raining. *grin* Linda

  7. Hi Linda. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog “livin’ on love st.” You’re the first to leave one since I started it a few days ago. I love your blog. You are so funny. Keep writing and laughing. Hugs right back at you, d

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