Post Poison Ivy Pet Pictures

The Golden Destroyer, EmmaLou, made it safely to the groomers and as you can see by the pics, she’s none the worse for wear. Okay, she’s a little peeved with me (she hates bows in her fur).


4 thoughts on “Post Poison Ivy Pet Pictures

  1. EmmaLou is a beauty!! That face is seriously sweet! It’s funny how dogs do get a little ticked off about going to the groomer. Oh, the car ride is grand, but when they figure out they’re going to the groomer’s, suddenly it’s not so grand. My Fritz really puts on the brakes, and I usually have to carry him in. Good thing he’s only 22 pounds!

    She looks too sweet to be the Destroyer!

  2. Oh Carla looks can be deceiving. EmmaLou has the face of an angel and the attitude of a devil. Innocent and deadly! Thank goodness I don’t have to carry her – she has ADD like her mama so it’s easy to distract her when we get there!

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