It Should Have Been Easier

Have you ever changed your email address?  Was it as much of a nightmare for you as it has been for me?

All I wanted to do was save a little money every month.  How hard could that be?  Hmmm???

I changed email providers from Earthlink to Road Runner.  I was assured by the “nice gentleman behind the counter” that it would be a seamless transition.  He lied.  I have spent the last 4 hours contacting and/or emailing all the people who need to know this information, and some who probably don’t.  I was told I had 24 hours to notify everyone prior to my old address being cut off.  Guess what?  It was cut off almost instantly and I couldn’t receive any messages. 

First I called the new email folks.  Why?  Because I couldn’t access the new email.  Apparently the “nice gentleman behind the counter” wrote down my new email address incorrectly.  Gah.  New email folks were very nice but could not help me access my old email.  So off to the old email folks I went.  I got ahold of some guy in East New Delhi who wanted to charge me $3.95 a month to keep my new email address before he would release any pending messages.  I started to lose my religion so I just hung up.  Forget the “lost” messages.

Today I absolutely hate technology.  Hate it.  Hate it again.  Hate it some more.  I know tonight I’m going to have nightmares about who doesn’t have my new email and who can’t get ahold of me.


6 thoughts on “It Should Have Been Easier

  1. I hear you on the terrors of changing email addresses. That’s why I have a gmail account (a few actually) for personal emails, and one for spam, and one for professional contacts. All of these are (in turn) emailed to _one_ place. But my point is not the multiple emails, rather the unchanging final destination. Is a gmail or other web-based account just not an option for you? You could get a domain name for very little money, and even using ONE email address for that domain (forwarded to a gmail account) would probably be cheaper than the $3.95/month quoted to you…
    Just an idea 🙂

  2. Hi kilmenyrose – Thanks – I have a gmail account in addition to the Road Runner. I should have just left it at my gmail account, but because of school I wanted to make sure I was really covered in the email world. Earthlink can take their $3.95 and kiss my patootie! *grins* Linda

  3. Well then he’s overpaid. He couldn’t even get my new email address right. Sheesh. Well, the good news is with the new email I’m not getting any junk email – at least not so far. With Earthlink, I was getting pretty tired of all the emails asking if I wanted a bigger organ, when everyone who knows me knows I’m not musical at all and don’t even own a piano, let alone an organ.

  4. I keep a semi permanant address on Yahoo. When it gets to spammy I just quit using for a while and create a new address for a month or so, then I let it go, and go back to my original.

    I also have a spam catcher address on Yahoo for the same reason. If some site insists it needs my email, they usually get my spam address.

    Then I have my permanant address from my isp that I do not often share outside of family and friends.

    Perhaps something along what I do will help you?


    This system works pretty well for me.

  5. Hi Michael – Thanks for the info – I plan on using my gmail account for any vendor demanding my email and keep the new isp private. Should have done that all along. Oh well, at least I’m trainable! cheers, Linda

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