Top 10 Reasons I Won’t Ever Live in the DC Area Again

1.  Traffic, traffic, traffic — I had made a memory dump on how nuts the drivers are in this area. They drive too fast, don’t know what a turn signal is for, and ride your bumper if you’re going slower than 80 miles an hour. Yikes!
2. Isn’t the language in this country English??? The Wendy’s workers’ first language was obviously Spanish — I couldn’t understand them!! Between Spanish and Korean, I definitely felt uncomfortable.
3. It’s hotter than the hubs of hell – okay it’s only about 8 degrees warmer than in the Midwest, but that’s still hotter than at my house.
4. Did I mention the traffic?
5. MS 13 gang – Gangs are in the Midwest, but not as bad and not as deadly as these horrid people.
6. Humidity! It’s always stickier on the coast.
7. They think Marion Barry should still be mayor. Honestly, the intelligence level of the Marion Barry supporters simply scares me.
8. Ouch – the price of gas is at least 50 cents higher here
9. It is always crowded no matter where you go, no matter what the time of day or night – we had to eat dinner at 5pm just in order to get into the restaurant!
10. People seem less stressed in the Midwest, or maybe we just move at a little slower speed.

Tomorrow at the crack of dawn I leave for home. I miss Devoted Spouse and I miss EmmaLou the Golden Destroyer. It’s always fun to come back to where I used to call home here in northern Virginia, visit friends and see my old stompin’ grounds. But I have found the old adage to be true; you can’t go home again.


9 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons I Won’t Ever Live in the DC Area Again

  1. I drove “around” DC yesterday and today on the way to Baltimore.

    I thought Baltimore would be worse. It was oly bad near the tunnel. I cannot imagine living in DC and owning a vehicle.

    BTW, the only “road rage” cussing I did was within 20 iles of my house. I convinced me that the drivers when I currently live are the worst.

    Things are MUCH different in the Midwest.

  2. I lived in DC for a while a long time ago, and it was a great place to live then, for a short time. I’m glad to hail from Texas. We’re not so slow down here either, but we do get to spread out!

  3. Hi MTAE – I had unbelievable trouble with the drivers in the condo complex where I stayed. These people don’t look – just jump out and drive like the road belongs to them. I’m so glad to be back in Ohio!

  4. Hey Carla – I’ve never lived in Texas but I like the idea of spreading out – I have too many neighbors too close to me for my liking. But at least here in Ohio the main language is English – it is good to be home! *grin* Linda

  5. As you know, Espanol is big here in Tejas, my friend. It is difficult sometimes, especially in other parts of the state (I’m in the D/FW area). The demographics, they are a-changin’, and I guess with time we’ll all adapt, but it’s kind of a pain in the buttocks, you know?! At this pace, I’ll soon need to enroll in a Spanish class just to navigate the drive-through!

  6. Hi Carla – I know, I know…Spanish is spoken almost everywhere these days – I took years of it in school and can make myself understood passably – but that doesn’t mean I like it! I think we’re rolling over too quickly to accommodate others when they should be learning and using our language. Call me a stickler for the rules I guess. Por favor — why should WE change? Hmmm??? *big grin* Linda

  7. You are right! Especially when it’s costing so many tax dollars for us to change … and what a can of worms that is!!

  8. Glad you got out of DC…I never lived there, but I had to attend a conference regarding the US Postal Service. What an eye opener from a girl from Cornfield County, IN…

    I loved the monuments and they “buzz”. I heard more in the hotel bar about the pressing business of Congress than I think was discussed on the House floor…

    It was a surreal place for me. I can see how those we elect go to Washington and forget all about those of us left in the Midwest…just too much of a culture shock.

    Glad you are going home to see those you love…

  9. Hi Shadowlands – I feel like Dorothy in Wizard of Oz – There’s no place like home…there’s no place like home.

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