Clean Up on Aisle 7

Today’s adventure centered around a grocery store called Wegmans.  My friend, Barbara, graciously drove me to the store and she had such a grin on her face when we arrived.  To me it was just a grocery store; to her it was an event. 

Four hours and several bags-full later, I agreed with her; it was an event.  Four hours!  In a grocery store! What a cool place.  The closest I can equate this with is a store not far from Cincinnati called Jungle Jim’s.  Huge store.  Lots of variety.  But Wegmans’ presentation is much prettier.   Wegmans’ selection is infinitely better.  At Wegmans there are various cafes and areas where you can graze on anything from sushi to crabcakes; from sandwiches to a full meal.  Being an old East Coast girl, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have a real crabcake at the Seafood Bar (served by a cutie-pie Thai chef named Paulie) and let me tell you, it was superb.  Full of Old Bay seasoning, tons of crabmeat, and not much filler.  Yum-yum.  Those two glasses of Pinot Grigio didn’t hurt, either.  We also visited the wine cellar downstairs and I had to buy a bottle of Big Tattoo Red to take home with me.  (Don’t you love the names of wineries these days?  That’s another blog in itself.)

This store has all the regular groceries, plus specialty items – even Waterford crystal and Le Creuset cookware — I was so impressed.  No wonder it took us four hours to wander through — I kept being captivated by one section or another.  The cheese area blew me away with its pairings of cheeses and fruits; scrumptious looking.  In the pastry area you could sample the various pastries.  Danger, Danger, Will Robinson. 

Grocery stores have certainly come a long way from the days of Giant, Safeway, and Kroger.  I hope Wegmans expands out to my area of the country — they should bring that craft store with them, too.


4 thoughts on “Clean Up on Aisle 7

  1. Not as busy as I imagined, but there were plenty of people. I’m sure weekends are much more crowded.

  2. Yes, finally I remembered your in or around D.C. I have been in that store shopping once when we were giving a party to some friends. You don’t need to go anywhere else. It is a beautiful store. Glad you enjoyed yourself!!

  3. Hi Frank! I didn’t want to leave the store – I wanted to camp out there and just graze through all the food offerings! I went online and discovered they have no plans to build a store anywhere close to me; they want to stick to the Mid Atlantic states – boo, hiss. Oh well, guess I’ll have to settle for Wally World and Kroger. Ugh.
    *grins* Linda

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