A Girl and Her Crafts

Almost every year I drive to DC to visit friends. It’s become something of a tradition with me. Most people visit this area for its history and cultural activities. After all, this is the home of the Smithsonian, Mount Vernon, the White House, and numerous other interesting sites. Who wouldn’t want to come here, ride the Metro, and visit some of the country’s best museums and art galleries?

So here I am in the nation’s capital and where have I visited today? The AC Moore craft store. That’s right, I’m in this historical city and my first and most important shopping stop is a craft store. I discovered AC Moore a few years ago by accident and I look forward to my yearly shopping trip. I had a lovely time today wandering the aisles and looking at all the crafty goodies. Now the three or four of you who read this blog know I have written in the past about my crafty endeavors. Devoted Spouse will attest to my numerous attempts at one craft or another and I have the craft room with all the left-over crafts to prove it. So letting me loose in this store is problematic; I am going to find something I cannot live without and I am going to spend money.

I Googled AC Moore hoping there was a store close to me and was disappointed to discover the closest store to my home is 135 miles away. Well, that’s closer than the 500 miles I drove here, but even still I may have to settle for their online store. It’s not the same as perusing the aisles, but it will have to suffice. At least until next year’s pilgrimage.


2 thoughts on “A Girl and Her Crafts

  1. We had one about 10 miles from the house and then they built a new shopping center two miles from the house and there it is! My wife loves the place and it is great for me visit there for birthdays and Christmas for her.

  2. I console myself with the knowledge that sooner or later it will arrive in my area. It’s probably just as well — it is for everyone’s safety that the crafting gods keep me at arm’s length. *grins*

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