Road Trip

Greetings from Northern Virginia — what a lovely day it was to drive the 500 miles from my home to my friend’s home. It helps that I love to drive. There is always so much to do while on the road. You’d be surprised (maybe you wouldn’t) at some of the sights and I’m not talking about tourist stuff.

Fortunately my trip was uneventful — good weather and no mechanical difficulties. The price of gas climbed higher and higher the closer I got to DC, but I expected that to be the case. I had good company along the way; my friends Neil Young, Sheryl Crow, Sting, and some others kept me entertained and I got some good vocal exercise. I love to sing — especially in a closed car when no one else can hear me butcher lyrics and screech the wrong notes.

The most fun I had occurred while making a rest stop. When I walked into the ladies room, I noticed a teacup dog sitting in one of the sinks. Well, I’ve seen stranger things, and he didn’t have any toilet paper stuck to him, so I went about my business. When it was time to wash my hands, the dog was still sitting in one of the sinks. I washed my hands and was standing in front of the hand dryer as a lady walked out of one of the stalls, washed her hands and went to pick up the dog. I simply couldn’t help myself — I looked at her and said in a scolding voice, “Hey, he didn’t wash his paws.” I got a scathing look from the woman, but it was fun all the same.

I’m always amazed at the activities people pursue while driving. One man I passed was reading a paperback book and he was the driver in the car. That scared me a bit. Then there was a young kid driving all over the road. I decided to get by him as fast as I could. The reason he was driving so badly probably was the result of his not having enough hands to drive; his were busy with a cigarette, a can of what I hoped was soda, and his cell phone. I didn’t stick around long enough to figure out how he was steering (or not steering) that little car.

The price of gas certainly wasn’t an issue with the folks driving alongside me today. I didn’t notice alot of following the speed limit; in fact, these people were going like little bats out of Hades. During the entire trip I saw only one state trooper. Where are they when you want them? By the time I was about an hour or so from my destination, it seemed as if everybody and their duck were out for a Sunday drive. Yikes – so much traffic. Nope, I don’t miss living in the DC area at all!

I love to visit every year, but I also love to go home to the Midwest where we still have 4-way stop signs and people actually allow you to merge onto the highway without the use of the directional middle finger.


5 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. The Northern Virginia/DC area is a double-sided coin. On the one hand I love the diverse cultures, but on the other by blood pressure rises by the traffic. I love to visit–most of my friends and family live there so now I just ride with friends or take the Metro when I am visiting.

  2. Linda, I myself am wondering who all these various studies about people driving slower and having less accidents are talking about. You know the ones that claim the high price of gas is making us all safer on the roads. Everybody in Florida is racing around like Nascar and practicing their winddrift technique behind my car so as I can’t even see their headlights they are so far up my #@$!

  3. Hi Donna – there was definitely some drafting going on out on the highways – at times I thought we might actually lift off we were all flying. I spent 25 years in the DC area and I got used to defensive driving, but it doesn’t mean I enjoy it!

  4. Hey MTAE – Yeah, I don’t envy you the drive. This place (DC metro area) has gotten so much worse since I lived here about 15 years ago. I can’t get over the Wilson Bridge situation – I’m not even going out on the Beltway unless absolutely necessary while I’m here this week. Virginia used to be such a nice place to live and work. Now, I’ll take Ohio any day. Safe journey to Balt. Linda

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