Saturday Musings

In preparation for my drive to the DC area Sunday, I thought I’d snap a few pictures around the old homestead to take to my friend.  I have a nifty little red GE 12.1 megapixel model E1235 camera so off I went outside in search of subjects.   I really like this camera – it has some cool options.  However, because these days one looks at the composed picture from an LED screen, not through a viewfinder, I hit a minor snag.  It was very bright outside as I snapped up pics of Devoted Spouse and also of our home.  The problem was the light was so bright I couldn’t see what the picture would look like.  I just snapped in faith.  Is there some special trick to this that I haven’t been told?  Fortunately, the pics came out just fine.  Would have been nice if I could see them when I actually took them.  Minor pet peeve.  Here’s a shot of Devoted Spouse and his pride and joy.  Also, I talk about her enough…here’s EmmaLou the Golden Destroyer.

Devoted Spouse and his midlife madness machine

Devoted Spouse and his midlife madness machine

Her Royal Highness, the Princess EmmaLou

Her Royal Highness, the Princess EmmaLou

I am the Princess and I decree it's playtime!

I am the Princess and I decree it's playtime!

Next on the agenda…We had dinner at the local Thai restaurant.  Yummy – some of the best food in the world is Thai in my opinion.  There were some Asian folks eating in the restaurant — that’s always a good sign, or so I’ve been told.  What struck me funny was Devoted Spouse was using chopsticks and the Asian family was shoveling rice in their mouths using forks.  That really tickled me.  They weren’t speaking English; I believe it was Chinese.  But they sure were Americanized. 

Next snippet — today I received formal notice that I have been fully accepted at seminary.  ‘Bout time — classses start in two weeks.  Whew, glad that process is over.  It was a real goat rope.  Now if God would just send me some extra cash…

And lastly before I toddle off to finish packing…I have an MP3 player.  It’s not an iPod, it’s another brand.  I signed on to iTunes to download some extra tunes.  I wanted one album in particular.  Price was reasonable so I bought it.  Now it sits on my laptop in the folder for iTunes purchased music.  I can play it from my laptop, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to copy it over to my MP3 — it simply won’t let me copy it. And there is no option to download it from the purchased section to a USB port.  What gives here?  I tried copying the tunes from the download to Windows Media since that’s where I store my music.  I figured from there I’d just sync the tunes onto the MP3.   That didn’t work, either.  I can’t believe I have to burn a CD just to get this onto my MP3.  Somebody out there, give me a better way out of this mess.  Gah.

Wish me luck on the road — provided my broadband card works, I’ll post something from DC late Monday.


2 thoughts on “Saturday Musings

  1. Awww!!! EmmaLou looks so innocent! Does she know about all those lies you are spreading about her. She could no wrong. Is that Devoted Spouse of yours sucking in the ole gut in that picture? My father tries the same trick. As for the MP3 deal – I am a technology dunce, but I believe iTunes only work on iPods which is why I shop at URGE and Wal-Marts music online. I just simply refuse to do anything with Apple to spite my sister who thinks Macs are somewhere next to perfection. (Actually the truth is, I know nothing about Macs and don’t like venturing out of my box.)

  2. Bless his heart – he doesn’t have a gut to suck in (hate him). He has this “military” stance that has just stayed with him over the years but it does look like he’s sucking it in. As for EmmaLou — if she knew, she’d eat more furniture in retaliation, so let’s not tell her. Yikes – I shouldn’t have used iTunes – I almost bought a Mac when I was recently shopping for a new laptop, but I chickened out. I’ll look into URGE and Wally-World music – thanks.

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