The Continuing Eyewear Spectacle

Being ever the forward-thinking individual, I decided to buy yet another pair of eyeglasses; this time an emergency back-up pair of every day specs.  With a long driving trip coming up in a couple of days, I can’t afford anything happening to my glasses.  And, of course, my back-up pair sort of became mangled (another story for another day).  So off to EyeMart I went.

This time, I was not coerced into an exorbitant pair of frames; I found a fairly reasonable nice little plastic job and I was able to knock off a few bucks with my handy-dandy AAA card.  With all the little extra charges added up, this pair came to well under $200.  That’s not too bad for a pair of bifocals these days.  I was happy.  Plus, they would be ready in about an hour.  Off I went for some retail therapy while my glasses were made by the little optical elves in the EyeMart back room.  (No, really, there are optical elves.  I know this because I saw the window to the back room mysteriously open while I was there — a disembodied hand pulled up the venetian blinds partially, slightly opened a sliding glass window, and deposited a pair of glasses in a little plastic bin on the window sill.  Then the same disembodied hand lowered said blinds and disappeared.  Optical elves. I’m sure of it.)

While waiting for my glasses, I visited another of my favorite haunts, Bed, Bath, and Beyond and snagged a great deal on a new kitchen trash can.  Ours needed replacing because EmmaLou, the Golden Destroyer is adept at opening the top of the can so she can trash surf.  That’s my girl — she’s so smart.  Anyway…by the time I found the new trash can, perused the latest books at Barnes & Noble, and downed a cup of java, it was time to pick up my new spectacles.

They were ready.  Oh joy.  They were cute — purplish-red with sparkles on the side pieces.  I tried them on.  They needed adjustment.  Adjust, adjust, adjust.  I tried them on again.  They were crooked. Adjust, adjust, adjust.  The optical assistant handed me the glasses one more time and lo and behold one of the side pieces was actually broken.  No wonder they wouldn’t fit.  Hmmm, what to do?  Easy answer — have the EyeMart optical elves make up another pair.  Guess what?  That was the only frame of that type in the entire store.  Of course.

So back to the wall’o’frames and a frantic search for another pair.  With alot of help from two of the other assistants, we all settled on some nice navy blue eyewear.  I understand the routine; I assumed these would also be ready in an hour or so.  Oh silly me — never make assumptions.  Suddenly one of the optical elves appeared and explained to me that for this particular frame the bifocal part had to be ordered.  The bottom line is now I must return to EyeMart tomorrow afternoon and hope that this pair will be ready for me to wear, with no broken pieces.  That’s three trips to one EyeMart for one set of glasses…so far.

For me the simplest things seem to take on a life of their own these days.  Fortunately, I don’t believe in karma.

5 thoughts on “The Continuing Eyewear Spectacle

  1. jejejeje what a mission to buy glasses. Makes me think twice about buying that extra pair too:p

  2. Picking out glasses is scary! I’m far-sighted, so I’m like Mr. Magoo when I try to see myself in a new pair of frames. Trying on new frames while peering out of your own glasses simultaneously just doesn’t work either. Last time, the tech inserted a pair of contacts for me so I could see what the heck I looked like. How disappointing it would be to have to go through that process all over again … I can feel your pain!

  3. I thought for sure you were going to say that these new frames jacked the price up some more. Then I really was going to believe there was an eyeglass pricing conspiracy or something. I have *Ahem* 20/15 vision, so I can’t really empathize. LOL!

  4. Funny you should mention it – the new frames WERE $30 more than the old. They expected me to eat the difference and I got the manager who agreed with me that EyeMart should pay the difference. That’s one of the reasons I didn’t just request a refund and walk away. They really tried to fix the problem.

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