You Missed a Spot

According to a report in today’s paper, there is a new service at your local beauty salon. For a small fry, I mean a small fee, you can get your tootsies cleaned by fish. Yup – fish.

Tiny toothless carp, called “garra rufa”, nibble the dead skin off your feet. Actually, since they have no teeth, these “doctor fish” gum you until your little piggies are chocked full of nice, soft, exfoliated skin.

I can barely contain my enthusiasm. How timely that this service is only available in the Washington, D.C. area and how opportune that I will be in D.C. next week. Will I avail myself of this service? I think the answer to that question is, “not only no, but hell no.” Paying for small pond spawn to scale my heels is not on my list of priorities. That’s why God invented the pumice stone.

What truly frightened me were the experiences of clients who stated this process feels like your feet are asleep while the fish are nibbling away. If I want my feet to tingle, I’ll go get Devoted Spouse…but let’s not get too personal.

While I am in the D.C. area I think I’ll call that salon and price this service. Actually, I may make an appointment — at least I’d be able to finally catch some fish. And if they can’t accommodate me, I’ll have something to carp about when I return home.

4 thoughts on “You Missed a Spot

  1. (silence)

    (more silence)

    Ewwwww! I would like to know the cost of this service.

    Also, do the fish eat anything other than the dead skin? Maybe I could have these fish in my living room to take care of my feet!

  2. This coming weekend I’m headed for my annual trip to the northern Virginia area to visit friends where, coincidentally, this particular service is located and I’ll be calling the salon to find out how much this costs. While this service may be tempting, remember we don’t know where those fishies little mouths have been… BTW, remember my list of 50 things I’ll never do? This now becomes #51.

  3. OMG! Who in the world would actually want to do this? I don’t care how soft my feet would feel. Even if it was FREE, no even if you paid me, no way, no way, no way!

    But I’m with you, the odds of my actually catching a fish could perhaps improve.

    I’m looking forward to feetback, I mean feedback after your trip. Have FUN while you are “gone fishin”


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