Creative Writing

Creative Writing Prompt #135 – List 50 Things You’ll Never Do

1. Dissect a frog
2. Vote Democrat
3. Get a tattoo on my neck
4. Pierce anything other than my earlobes
5. Laugh at someone who is disabled
6. Argue with my BFF, Kathy
7. Scuba (the suit alone would kill me)
8. Eat alligator
9. Pick up a dead rodent with my bare hands
10. Hunt deer
11. Give my dog a perm
12. Watch a tv show where either Rosie O’Donnell or Whoopie Goldberg are encouraged to speak
13. Jot a note on my arm with a Sharpie
14. Move to Oklahoma City
15. Convert to Islam
16. Climb Mt Everest
17. Swap recipes with Hillary Clinton
18. Stand in the rain for concert tickets
19. Be friends with the crazy Asian man who lives in the house behind mine
20. Sing the national anthem in public
21. Give up chocolate
22. Hide my house keys under a rock
23. Return to work for the government
24. Learn to drive a stickshift
25. Change a flat tire
26. Speak German
27. Interrupt a personal conversation to answer my cell phone
28. Receive the Nobel Peace Prize
29. Read a book recommended by Oprah
30. Make disparaging remarks about my country
31. Get liposuction
32. Be a passenger on the Space Shuttle
33. Play the piano
34. Become a dental hygienist
35. Hula dance
36. Stop praying
37. Serve Devoted spouse chicken livers for dinner
38. Take my life for granted
39. Run a marathon
40. Watch the Three Stooges without being medicated
41. Be fooled again by prune whip masquerading as chocolate pudding
42. Give up hope
43. Strap on water skis
44. Kiss a polar bear
45. Watch Regis and Kelly
46. Stop writing
47. Open my eyes under water
48. Wear a hat with ear flaps
49. Get rid of my books
50. Grow up


4 thoughts on “Creative Writing

  1. Quite an ecclectic list there. Number 50 is my favorite because I never plan to grow up either. It’s just that this darn body doesn’t seem to get that message. I used to be able to ride roller coasters to my hearts content. And hey, alligator is good eatin’. Tastes just like chicken!

  2. I know baby – it’s rough feelin 18 on the inside and seeing someone older in the mirror. Ya know I think if I want somethin’ that tastes like chicken, I’ll just eat chicken! *grins* Linda

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