Wright or Wrong

Saturday 9 am begins another two-day, fun-filled, action-packed event here in town known as the Dayton Air Show; excuse me, the Vectren Dayton Air Show.  Once again I am filled with a sense of overwhelming ho-hum.  There are probably 18 people in this region who don’t care about this event and I am one of them.

I am uninterested in aviation.  There, I’ve said it.  I live in Dayton and I abhor airplanes.  Watching aerobatics doesn’t fly with me.  First, there is the heat — this event occurs on the hottest days of the summer, or so it seems.  There is no shade to be found near airport runways — nothing but sun beating down incessantly on my poor head, or on my fair-skinned, prone to burning-lobster-red face as I stare upwards.  Why couldn’t the powers that be schedule this in early June when it’s not so sweltering hot?  Aside from the heat issues, there are millions of people at this event; hot, sweaty people; all of them ahead of me  in line at the bathroom.

I once thought the reason I don’t go to this event is the fact that I live here and I know in my Air Force heart that the air show will return again next year.  Like the 25 years I lived in DC and never visited the White House; I tend to ignore those tourist-spots or historical venues located within my local area.  Now I understand my attitude towards the air show has nothing to do with its proximity to me.  I just don’t like airplanes.

Living in this town with its numerous aviation heritage sites and not liking planes is like visiting Hershey’s and not liking chocolate.  Folks around here take this aviation stuff seriously.  Not participating in anything aerospace-related is almost sacriligeous to them.  Of course, anyone who visits us requests a trip to the Air Force Museum (oops, I mean the National Museum of the United States Air Force).  Being an Air Force veteran, Devoted Spouse thoroughly enjoys wandering the halls of the museum and looking at the planes, missiles and other military accoutrements.  When Devoted Spouse and I first arrived here back in his Active Duty days, I signed on to be a museum guide as part of the Officers’ Wives Club — but memorizing all those facts and figures and strolling from plane to plane bored me to tears and I quickly realized my talents were better utilized at the Thrift Shop than as a museum guide.  Imagine — an Air Force spouse who doesn’t like airplanes.  Unspeakable; heretical.

So I will spend the next two days enjoying other delights of this area; outlet malls, fishing holes, the library, even my own backyard.  Come Monday life will return to normal around here; the airplane devotees will return to their cubicle farms on base, and all will be Wright in my world.


2 thoughts on “Wright or Wrong

  1. I made it to the WhiteHouse for the first time last year. I tried to soak it in while I was there and really started doing some reading on the place after I visited.

    I live near an air base and “did” my first air show last year too (after 14 years) and was impressed, but I think that was enough for me…no more. They fly overhead all the time.

  2. MTAE – the first time is always fun and impressive. We lived in a chateau in Belgium and for the Ramstein Air Base air show, the British military aerobatics team Red Arrows would fly directly over the chateau while practicing. Now that was impressive. I would lean out our upstairs window as they flew over so close it felt I could touch them. Since then any other air show has paled in comparison. Linda

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