The Ick Factor

Just when I think I’ve seen it all, along comes someone who messes with my particular life paradigm.  Yesterday evening my model of friendship was sorely tested and at a bible study, no less.

Let me back up.  A few weeks ago a friend from church, a good friend, joined Devoted Spouse, trusty canine companion, and me for a bit of birdwatching and a bite of breakfast on the deck.  I had made a delightful albeit fattening breakfast casserole (courtesy of my bff Paula Deen).  The recipe made much more than any of us could possibly consume; even EmmaLou the Golden Destroyer had her fill with one tiny doggie serving.  I divvied up the remaining casserole into two Tupperware-like containers (okay they’re Rubbermaid); one for my friend and one to remain here. 

Last night my friend joined me at the bible class we’ve both been attending for the past 3 weeks.  In her hand was my pseudo-Tupperware container.  Now, I don’t usually expect folks to return containers to me; that’s why I use el cheapo Rubbermaid.  I thought it was a nice gesture of our friendship that she brought this container back.  There was only one slight problem.

I looked down at the container she had placed in my hand and while it was indeed my container, there was something horribly wrong.  Attached to the side of this container —   I’m not making this up — was a previously-chewed piece of gum.  In abject horror, I looked up at my friend and said something extremely witty and obviously Bible-driven like “What the hell is this?”  I think I punctuated my question with an appropriate sound such as “Ewwww.”  My friend replied, “It’s okay, that’s just my gum.”  Whereupon I countered with, “Just your gum?? Just your gum??”  So I scraped off the gum with my perfectly-manicured and paid-for nail and handed the gum to my friend in case she wished to keep it for future reference. 

Now, I love this lady dearly.  We’ve been friends for some time and we’ve just recently started doing things together.  But, I have questions.  And, I’m afraid of the answers.  Questions such as:  If you store your used gum on Tupperware containers, where do you keep other important items when you finish with them like your dental floss, or perhaps a Q-tip or two?  I’m just a tad concerned here.

I can tell you with certainty; I’ll be sending food home with her in aluminum foil from now on.


4 thoughts on “The Ick Factor

  1. Linda, I hate to be judgemental but my advise to you is to forgo any future dining invitations to take place at gum sharing friend’s home. I would really have a hard time choking down a casserole there. Are those round objects really capers and is this really a sprig of rosemary? And your question, “What the hell is this?” is Biblically inspired. I know I’ve seen Hell in there before.

  2. Hi sweetie – Ya know it’s just so hard to find good friends these days — yechhh, capers…I think I’ll become a hermit.

  3. Once again, MTAE, you are correct. However, in this instance it was apparent to me that this little dessicated rock had no flavor left so my popping it between my ruby lips would have been an exercise in futility. You see I know my friend and she would never have simply parked her gum; no, that gum was done. Linda

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