To Walk or Not to Walk; That is the Question

There’s a skirmish going on at our house.  In my continuing quest for weight loss and better health, I have enlisted the aid of Devoted Spouse.  He is the first one up in the morning taking care of trusty canine companion’s outdoor needs.  It occurred to me since EmmaLou takes a morning jaunt around the neighborhood with Devoted Spouse, I should join them.  What better way to ensure good health than a nice dose of exercise? 

The problem is the two of them do the neighborhood at an ungodly hour of the morning — well before 6 am.  I am of the mind that no one should be out and about before the sun comes up unless there is a pretty good reason, such as a donut run.  Strolling the neighborhood should wait for sunlight.  Otherwise, how will you be able to critique your neighbors’ lawn care, trash habits, what’s in their parked cars, or even peek in their windows?

Each evening Devoted Spouse gently reminds me that I have expressed a desire to join he and EmmaLou on their morning walk.  I always reply in the affirmative.  That’s the easy part.  The difficulty comes in the morning when it’s actually time for me to get out of the comfy bed and step into the jogging shoes.  Several times Devoted Spouse has tried to coax me out of my nice cocoon only to have me growl at him that I don’t want to get up.  Then he gets an earful later when I discover he’s actually gone on the walk without me.  Loving hubby that he is, he patiently explains how hard he tried to get me to awaken before he left without me. 

I have come to a realization that there is a fundamental difference between my early morning habits and those of Devoted Spouse and trusty canine companion.  Both of them eagerly greet the morning. They are the proverbial “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed” duo.  I, on the other hand, greet the morning reluctantly and with much grogginess, not needing much of a reason to turn over and grab a few more winks.  Given these differences, perhaps I should give up on the first early morning walk of the day and simply take EmmaLou with me later on.  That would be the simple solution.

It’s actually more fun to skirmish.


6 thoughts on “To Walk or Not to Walk; That is the Question

  1. I will be looking through the papers for a story about a husband being strangled with a dog leash in the early morning hours.

    (Maybe the evening walk would be a good plan.)

  2. Hi MTAE – And when they ask me why I did it, I’ll say I had to put him out of my misery — his excessive amounts of chipperness will play a large role. *grins* Linda

  3. I too have great plans and ambition about the early morning. In reality, I know my brain sleeps until late morning and no amount of caffeine or exercise changes that.

    I roll out of bed sometime after the crack of 08:00 only to do little until late morning. Come midnight and the energy and creative juices are flowing!

    Our poor spouses!

  4. Hi Michael – I love it; the “crack of 08:00” – I’m surrounded by military — Devoted Spouse often refers to early morning as “0dark-thirty.” Linda

  5. Living in Florida, one has to get up early to walk to avoid the heat and afternoon and evening monsoons. You probably also would not like my idea of “walking” either especially if half-asleep. I train to speed walk marathons so you would be doing a mile in less than 15 minutes at 6am. Care to join me?

  6. Holy crap, Batman, speed walk marathons? Hmmm…I only speed walk when in pursuit of trusty canine companion as she runs through the house trailing contraband behind her. While I greatly admire you, I think I’ll pass for right now. *huge grin* Linda

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