Let Them Eat Cake

People do funny things. A story in the local paper today tells of a lady who is now 90 years old. For her 60th birthday she was presented with a sheet cake with Elvis on the top of the cake. Not him in person (that would have had to be a very large sheet cake), but a drawing of him holding a microphone and there was the requisite Happy Birthday Hazel written on top. Awww, isn’t that nice? What’s funny is the fact that dear sweet Hazel refused to let anyone cut that cake, preferring instead to jam it in her freezer and leave it there for the next 30 years. That’s right…Hazel still has that nasty Elvis sheet cake in her freezer. She brings it out occasionally to show people. Now, I guess Hazel could have stored nastier things in her freezer for 30 years (like dear departed Uncle George). A sheet cake isn’t that big a deal. But it seems to me a picture of the cake (yes, there were cameras 30 years ago) would have sufficed for memory’s sake. I, of course, would never do anything that silly. It’s the other people who do funny things.


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