You Talked Me Into It

Lately it’s pretty easy to talk me into things. Not that I don’t have a backbone or guts, or whatever, these days I’m just a little easier to convince (with the exception of politics — I will never like Hillary, and I will not be voting for Obama rama lama ding dong).

Take yesterday for example. Devoted Spouse had a great idea for an adventure and talked me into driving to Columbus to check out German Village. We were going out to breakfast anyway as yesterday was also when Extraordinary Housecleaner does her thing at our abode and she doesn’t like us underfoot.

At breakfast a chatty waitress convinced me to include the grits with my breakfast. I don’t normally order grits because that’s just added calories with little protein, but I like grits. Grits are (grits is? what’s the grammar here?) pretty much useless food — like cream of wheat but a little, how shall I say this…grittier. Usually they come with some type of gravy which doesn’t sound appetizing to me; gravy on cream of wheat. Blick. So I skipped the gravy but I was definitely talked into the grits.

We got to German Village and went to the Visitor Center where I was talked into watching a 7-minute video about the area. It was only 7 minutes out of my day and the chair was comfy. For this I was rewarded with plenty of brochures and a map of the area.

We did the walking tour thing and then headed to the local bookstore. I don’t need to be talked into visiting a bookstore ever. I have an internal bookstore GPS that guides me right to books. This bookstore was in a building that might once have been someone’s home, but now it was subdivided into roughly 25 tiny little rooms or alcoves, upstairs and downstairs through bendy, twisty turns and corners. It was an interesting house. Along the floor every few feet were stickers pointing the way out and informing us that there were restrooms but the keys to those restrooms were at the checkout desk. Since we were heading to the checkout desk anyway, I let these little stickers talk me into availing myself of the facilities. At the checkout desk I inquired about the restroom only to be told 1)the key was out, and 2) that’s just as well because locating the restroom is confusing to most. By then I was pretty much talked into changing my mind about the restroom.

We lunched at a German (surprise) establishment where I was talked into sampling the buffet. I came away from the buffet with a large plate with a larger amount of food. I talked myself into cleaning that plate. Fortunately I only made one trip to the buffet.

During the course of the day alot of strangers had an unusual amount of influence over my eating and spending habits.

This morning Devoted Spouse and trusty canine talked me into accompanying them on the morning neighborhood jaunt. A few minutes ago, a nice lady on the phone talked me into ordering a cookbook.

Maybe I need to change my vitamin regimen and start taking some iron supplements. I need a little strength to get my “no” back.

2 thoughts on “You Talked Me Into It

  1. “I need a little strength to get my “no” back “. I like that. Well, I liked the entire trip you invited me to take with you. That is, with the exception of those grits. Mix Cream of Wheat with Wheatena and you have a fairly tasty breakfast cereal. However, to each his own. Love your wonderful attitude towards life.

  2. Hi Mary – I checked into Wheatena (it was new to me) online and found it is healthier than Cream of Wheat and has more fiber so I may have to look for it. I’ve always loved hot cereals, but they don’t give me much energy for very long. Nothing better to me on a chilly morning than a big bowl of oatmeal (or rolled oats as my friend refers to them). Yum.

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