We All Get 15 Minutes of Fame

This is my friend, Jose. This is one of his 15 Minutes of Fame moments. I think it’s pretty cool, regardless of what anyone thinks of President Bush – having your picture taken with the President is just neat.

Everybody gets their 15 Minutes of Fame; mine has been broken into smaller segments. Let’s see…there was the babysitting of Fawn Hall. She was the infamous secretary to Lt Col Oliver North, he of the Iran-Contra scandal some years back. Yup – I lived across the street from her family in northern Virginia and regularly babysat. What else…Oh yeah, I once helped a buddy of mine put in the media wiring at the home of former Washington Redskins quarterback Sonny Jurgenson. Wow, that was more years ago than I almost care to remember. And I didn’t do much but carry materials. We’ll count that one as pseudo-fame. Okay, let’s keep stretching for fame…oh yeah, I’ve had humorous stuff published in the local paper. Yeah, it was a few years ago, but still…it counts as fame. Here’s a good fame moment — I shook the hand of then British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. That was way cool. I also danced with an honest-to-goodness rocket scientist — this was in Germany when Devoted Spouse was active duty Air Force and assigned to SHAPE HQ in Mons, Belgium. We were guests of honor at a dance held by the German Luftwaffe and the elderly gentleman I danced with had been one of the scientists at the rocket facility at Peenemunde. I thought it was a cool experience, but if you don’t know much about World War II, this might not impress you much. No, I don’t remember that War — my generation’s war was Vietnam…but I remember my dad talking about World War II and all the places he flew. Okay…what else can I come up with? Hmmm, while working in the Pentagon I once ran into Ronald Reagan…literally. Turned a corner and smacked right into him and part of his entourage. Kind of embarassing actually. But cool, nonetheless. I was once introduced to Princess Michael of Kent (a minor British royal); I doubt she caught my name. What other claims to fame have I had? Oh yeah, there was that summer weekend a girlfriend and I hitchiked up to New York and stayed on a farm…I think it was called Woodstock?

I figure I still have about 12 Minutes of Fame left.


3 thoughts on “We All Get 15 Minutes of Fame

  1. What is it that causes us to take such satisfaction in having once “rubbed elbows” with the famous? In my case, I delight in showing off a photograph taken of Eddie Albert and me while attending an evening party held in an office of the Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Agriculture during Jimmy Carter’s term as president. My husband and Mr. McHale were good friends and McHale was a good friend of Eddie Albert’s. I also never hesitate to show off the photos that appeared a time or two in a Binghamton, New York paper when I was sculpturing, turning out one-of-a-kind terra cotta sculptures that I had mounted and patined. My one and only bronze, a life-size head of Ernest Hemmingway sits in the living room of a Harrisbug, Pa., lawyer. Ah, yes. Those “fifteen minutes of fame” are sweet. I guess I’ve had my share.

  2. Hi Mary – Eddie Albert? I loved him. I dunno why we enjoy “name dropping” – guess it’s pride, plain and simple. Kind of a “look at me” moment. Human nature. It’s always fun to swap stories of encounters with celebrities. Linda

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