DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, VCR…I Hate Acronyms

Once again I have been transported to electronics Hades. You’ll recall my recent woes with my laptop — well, I now have a new laptop (with all the bells and whistles) on the way (ouch, sticker shock).

The latest electronic casualty in my house is the combo DVD/VCR which went on the fritz for good this morning. It had been exhibiting the usual electronic aches and pains; sometimes a particular DVD wouldn’t play, or the remote acted wonky. This morning Devoted Spouse and I decided to watch a DVD of one of our favorite PBS shows, Rosemary & Thyme. Much to my dismay, the DVD player just wouldn’t cooperate. It was a last straw moment in my household. How many times can one be expected to put up with a piece of machinery that is temperamental at best? So off to the Internet went Devoted Spouse for a bit of DVD player intelligence gathering.

An hour or so later, Devoted Spouse knew everything there was to know about DVD players. We had decided to ditch the VHS part and go strictly for playing and recording DVDs. Of course, this necessitates more cash outlay as we still have quite a few VHS tapes which will need to be replaced by their DVD counterparts. I was somewhat confused by the choices — it seems to me it should be relatively simple to find a machine to watch and record DVD’s. But it isn’t. There are many models to choose from.

We got to Circuit City and found several models but I didn’t understand some of the terminology. Between Devoted Spouse and a very nice salesman, Matt, we found the DVD player/recorder we thought would work best for us. I’d like to say it was a reasonable price, but it was a tad bit expensive. These days we are all captive to the electronics retailers. Much like the supply/demand propaganda we are fed by economists, the same applies to electronics. You are pretty much at the mercy of the retailer; you need the equipment. Oh well.

We trotted off on our merry way home and about halfway there realized if we were going to record a show, we needed a DVD. Duh. Turn the car around and head to Office Depot to look at the thousands of choices in DVDs. DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R; my eyes were ready to bleed. We found the type the salesman told us we needed and off we went once again homeward.

It’s quiet at the moment — Devoted Spouse is reading the instructions. Unlike me, he takes his time and actually learns what he needs to do to set something up — I usually just go willy-nilly into the box, grab pieces parts and then start swearing when I can’t figure out what to do. Hence, I’m upstairs writing this blog entry; he’s in the family room working on set-up.

I hope that’s all the equipment I need to replace for awhile. I need a new stove, but it can wait. The automatic water-thingie on the refrig broke, but it, too, can wait. I’d like a wireless printer, but that can wait. I can’t live without my Rosemary & Thyme, though. Let’s hope this piece of electronic gadgetry works.


2 thoughts on “DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, VCR…I Hate Acronyms

  1. OH WAIT! Don’t forget about this difference between DVD+R and DVD-R, which, when explained to me, usually ends with me passed out on the floor. (Some kind of stress induced panic attack)

  2. Hi MTAE – I swear my eyes and ears started to bleed in Circuit City. Even understanding a little, it’s still a pain in my butt to figure this thing out. I got it to play a DVD (yippee skippy) but recording one is still beyond my capability. And I truly need to figure that out as we now no longer have the VCR capability. I’ll tackle trying to record tomorrow maybe. Today I need to rest from all this electronic upheaval! *grins* Linda

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