I saw a story on GMA today about people buying monkeys and keeping them as surrogate children. I wasn’t going to blog about this, but I just can’t resist the temptation.

What are these people thinking?? Why would anyone want a monkey in their home? And as a surrogate child no less. How bizarre. Last time I checked, monkeys are still wild animals, not domesticated. Okay, a capuchin used as a service monkey for someone who is disabled may be in a different class – but to buy a monkey from the internet for a pet is not a good plan, in my opinion.

We’ve all been to the zoo and seen the monkeys. Nasty little critters. They stare at you with contempt on their ugly little monkey faces. Then they reach around to their vile little monkey butts and throw nasty monkey poo at you. Would you want that in your home? I don’t think so.

I love pets – if Devoted Spouse would agree, and we had the room, I’d fill this place up with fish, cats, birds, dogs, guinea pigs, and maybe a ferret or two. I draw the line at monkeys. Can you take a monkey for a long walk through the neighborhood? Probably not.

I know I refer to EmmaLou, my trusty canine companion, as my fur child. And, yes, I often treat her as a person – but I have never dressed her up in a satin dress nor does she have her own room. I am not planting her butt in a highchair and feeding her from a spoon. Anyone who treats any pet as their child is setting themselves up for alot of heartbreak, nevermind the fact that they are doing an injustice to the animal. These are animals, not people.

The sad part of this story is how many of these monkeys ultimately end up in some type of rescue shelter because the people finally come to their senses and realize the stupidity of their actions. But the more demand there is for these monkeys, the more of these poor, helpless, monkey babies will be stolen from their mothers in the wild. Once again humanity proves they couldn’t possibly have evolved from an ape; an ape would never act this way.


2 thoughts on “Mon-Kids

  1. Linda, now how do we get this blog published so all those people read it. You are so sadly right that there are so many people who use pets inappropriately and then at a moment of moments turn and say “oh my, lets just rid ourselves of that nuisance. I have never liked Monkeys and I know there are people who will disagree greatly with me but I do not think I have missed much. And yes you are right we treat our 20 year old cat quite well. He prefers us to make him a freshy, grilled breast of chicken. We often do and we cut it up in tiny pieces so he can eat, since he has no teeth, and yes he has his own loveseat, but that is where it stops. When he does wrong he knows I don’t mind reminding him and then I forgive because he is a pet……somewhere we work it out. But a monkey-no!!
    My best, Frank

  2. Hi Frank – Your cat deserves the very best attention and obviously you have loved your pet well to reach the 20 year mark! Good for you. I’m glad you agree with me about the monkeys – they just aren’t proper pet material. Hugs to you, Linda

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