Drugs Can Be Your Friend

Did you ever reach for something only to be stopped dead in your tracks trying to catch your breath from mind-jarring pain as a particular muscle goes into spasm?  Hurts, doesn’t it?  If you just went back in time and experienced this excruciating agony for even a moment, then you know how I feel right now.  Yup – muscle spasm city — that’s me.

All I did last night was reach down to pick up a basket (not too full mind you) of nice clean laundry.  That’s it.  That one simple movement put me over the edge of muscular unhappiness and I could hardly breathe.  Now, I’m not in the very best of shape.  I probably couldn’t run a half marathon — okay, I’m not sure I could run from my front door to my neighbor’s house across the street.  Well, maybe I could if a piece of cake was involved.  I think I’m just at that stage of un-buffness that occasionally a muscle or two will just give up on me. 

The muscle du jour happens to reside around my ribcage on my left side and probably has something to do when I breathe because that’s when it hurts most — when I breathe.  Now I certainly don’t want to not breathe just for the sake of pain relief.  That simply won’t work.  Last night I was fortunate enough to discover a lone Percocet tablet lying in wait in the cabinet that holds our medicines and vitamins.  Ah, sweet relief, thy name is Percocet. 

Today I’m relying solely on copious amounts of Advil and rest.  Devoted Spouse (God love him) is working on the laundry (vile, evil laundry, the bane of my existence).  So, I shall rest and relax and hope to recuperate at least a little.  This afternoon we must attend a cook-out and I need to fix a dish to bring along.  That should be interesting — it’s time Devoted Spouse learned how to make my famous Cowboy Beans. 

So, as you go about your day today think of me kindly and remember to not take your muscles for granted.  Be good to them and take care of them because when you least expect it, those little buggers will reach out and command your full attention. 

2 thoughts on “Drugs Can Be Your Friend

  1. I sure do hope you mend quickly, perhaps a piece of cake will help! Once again you make me laugh, but not at the expense of your pain. Take care, I’m going to go bake some brownies in your honor! Sheri

  2. Thanks, Sheri – And, funny you should mention brownies — I had one at the cook-out and my back felt just fine — brownies are their own wonder drug!!! *grins* Linda

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