It Doesn’t Compute

I have written here before on the fact that I am technologically deficient. I don’t have good luck with electronic components; cell phones, PDA’s, iPods, and especially computers, are not my friends. I use them because I feel compelled, but the relationship is usually rocky at best.

To make matters worse, when I truly need my electronic buddies to have my back, they fail me the most. Case in point — my trusty little laptop. It has been with me for awhile now and it has slowly been degenerating and slowing down; much like my own aging self. Now it has internal issues and refuses to recognize such obvious everyday things like wireless signals. I hate to have to admit this, but my little computer has developed a case of electronic Alzheimer’s. It simply doesn’t remember how to work properly.

Yesterday an IT friend of mine, Mike, stopped by to see if he could cure my little buddy. Sadly, he couldn’t fix the problem. Not being one to belabor the obvious, I started researching into a replacement for my little Dell. Not easy.

I visited the Apple store and looked at MacBooks. Nifty laptops, but I’ve always used a PC and I’m a little hesitant to change now. I spent most of yesterday evening and last night online researching every laptop PC magazine reviewed until I thought my brain was going to leak out my eye sockets.

Today Devoted Spouse patiently accompanied me to every store in a 50 mile radius that carried laptops. I played with all the computers and made some interesting discoveries. I found that those PC magazine raved about weren’t necessarily what I liked. It’s a good thing I tried some out — had I simply followed reviews and bought, sight unseen, a laptop like the Toshiba Satellite, which came highly rated, I would have been sadly disappointed. It has a hot touchpad. Now I don’t mean it has a touchpad that’s really nifty; I mean it’s actually hot to the touch. Yuk, very distracting; enough so that I wouldn’t buy this computer. I’m not looking for anything really fancy — I don’t need alot of bells and whistles; just a nice lightweight laptop I can use for school. I found computers from companies I had never heard of and many different models from one company and it all just became so overwhelming I had to come home and take a short nap.

I’ll be seeing my IT friend again Sat afternoon and I’ll discuss my research with him. Hopefully, he’ll have some additional input to help me make this decision. I want to make sure I get the right computer for me and that it will do what I need it to do. I have had little luck with Dell, so I think I’ll steer away from that company. The one I liked the most is a Sony Vaio and I also liked a couple of the HP models. Cost is a definite factor here and the Sony is a little pricey.

If anyone out there has some suggestions, I’d love to hear them.


4 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Compute

  1. Hi,

    You may want to look at, or HP for your laptop needs. I like Dells too, but you had a poor experience with them, so you may have better luck with the other companies. I know price is a concern, but I’d recommend spending a little more $$ for a stronger battery. Good luck!

  2. Hi Mike – Hey my buddy IT/tech guy is also named Mike. *grins* Thanks for your comments – I’m looking at the ThinkPad, but the price is a bit steep and I like a couple of the HP’s — I also like the Sony Vaio but several folks are giving me some negatives on the Sony – and they, too, are pricey. I had never heard of Asus but I’ve seen good reviews online. Too many choices! Appreciate your thoughts. Linda

  3. Seems my main problem when it comes to computers is the almost unknown and unheard of AmiPro program to which I was introduced back in the early nineties with my very first computer. Because all my work was saved on diskettes, I’ve kept the program, and still can’t save on CDs. Now, that I feel it’s time to move on, I could sure use a computer-savy friend in my life. I fear, however, that at my age, they are few and far between.

  4. Hi Mary – I’m not familiar with AmiPro but I remember floppy disks – I still have some but can’t use them. What a waste. Some day in the future an archaeologist will stumble upon these disks and have no idea they were once used in a type of communication. Hope you find a new IT buddy — I treasure my computer friend; he’s worth his weight in gold! *grins* Linda

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