I Do, Brought to You by Snapple

I was surprised by a story on GMA this morning of a bride-to-be who sold a place in her wedding party to the highest bidder on eBay. In fact, this story truly saddened me.

Have we stooped so low in our society that we feel it acceptable to underwrite the expenses of our most important life event to Corporate America? It was bad enough when our sports arenas started being named for major companies.

If you can’t pay the expenses of your wedding, perhaps you should rethink your plan. I would have understood taking out a loan or selling some possessions to finance your big day. And I will award points to the bride for being creative and thinking outside the box. But to invite a total stranger to bid on being a part of your wedding party takes the cake (forgive the pun). A wedding is supposed to be intimate – it is the spiritual and legal bonding of two people. The wedding party should consist of family members and close friends; those who know and love the bride and groom and will support them in the coming years, not some stranger named Nick who works for Snapple.

Granted, Nick’s company, Snapple, has offered about $10,000 toward the wedding. But I wonder where the advertising will show up — on the reception matchbooks or as a banner somewhere? Will all attendees take home free samples? Snapple isn’t doing this out of the goodness of their heart, I guarantee that — this is about advertising.

And that’s what bothers me the most – selling your wedding day to a corporation. I hope as the bride and groom look back fondly on their special day that the Snapple lady isn’t featured prominently in their wedding pictures.


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