Feeling Just Sew Sew

Today is my 25th wedding anniversary. Thinking back on that day, I remembered my wedding gown which my stepmonster made for me. She couldn’t cook worth a crap, but she was an extraordinary seamstress. Not being able to afford a fancy bridal gown, we found a pattern and she sat down and whipped up this simple but elegant empire waist gown; one of the few nice things she did for me.

Anyway, I got to thinking about sewing in general. I’m no seamstress; my talents are stretched to their limits by the occasional seaming of plain curtains. Just ask Devoted Spouse how many pairs of trousers are hanging in his closet waiting to be hemmed? But then again, how hard can it be to sew a simple summer skirt (say that 4 times fast). So, off I went to JoAnn’s Fabric and Craft Emporium in search of a sewing project.

I found an easy skirt pattern (Simplicity 7513) and some nice, lightweight summery material in shades of yellow with flowers and teeny, little hummingbirds. Cute. I spoke with the nice lady behind the counter and she assured me I had picked out the right pattern and great material and it should be no problem even for a novice like me.

My sewing machine is ready and its bobbin is full of nice creamy yellow thread. I have my instruction book handy just in case. The pattern is ready to cut out. So far, I’m safe in my little fantasy sewing world. I haven’t actually cut into any of the material yet. Once I take that step there’s no going back…I have to sew this skirt.

You don’t understand my hesitation. If you knew of the thousands of unfinished sewing projects around this house, you’d have a little empathy towards me. I start well, but rarely finish; usually from a sense of frustration. Ask Devoted Spouse about the tie I started for him in 1983 or thereabouts. Never finished. As I recall that tie was really wide because that was the style then. Just as well; he’d rather suck a Pepsi through his nose than wear a tie these days.

I have made numerous forays into the sewing fashion world for myself — skirts, casual dresses, even a pair of shorts; none finished and all went to Goodwill in the hopes some thriftshop seamstress would enjoy finishing the projects. I’m hopelessly addicted to Project Runway — if they can sew, why can’t I? Then there are the bright ideas I’ve had to slipcover my furniture — how hard can that be? Apparently, very hard because I’ve never even opened the patterns.

I think you see the trend. Yes, I’m going to start on this skirt and I’m going to make a very good effort to finish it. And, if not, maybe I’ll just make some nice cafe curtains for my craft room…

P.S. Thanks for the roses, sweetpea – love you!!

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