Is it Moving Day Yet?

At lunchtime today I stopped by to check on the progress of a new home a friend of mine is having built. It’s always exciting to see something new taking shape and my friend is just over the moon about this home, and rightly so. Walking around the new construction and inhaling the wonderful aroma of new wood, I got to thinking about moving.

In the 25 years I’ve been with Devoted Spouse we’ve moved numerous times while he was active duty Air Force. Since he retired back in the ’90’s, we’ve moved twice. I’m ready to move again and we’ve only been in our current home 6 years. There’s something almost addictive about cleaning out, packing up, and moving on. I think somewhere back in my ancestry there must have been a group of nomads, because I like nothing better than leaving one residence and starting up another.

While we were active duty, you could always see the light at the end of the tunnel if one assignment wasn’t the very best you had ever enjoyed. I always knew within a couple of years we’d be off to somewhere new. I like the idea of not staying in one place too long. If it wasn’t for the horrible housing market, I’d have a For Sale sign in our front yard now and I’d be looking farther south and more rural. I simply love the idea of starting fresh with everything new and clean and uncluttered.

A neighbor three houses down from us just packed and left for newer pastures. I was so envious as I watched the moving men bring out box after box and load the big truck. It brought back some interesting memories of watching all our belongings heading towards the horizon hoping we would see them again on the other end of the move. Maybe I just need to buy a little vacation condo somewhere so I can have the illusion of moving occasionally. Yeah, a change of scenery might do the trick. That would certainly be cheaper than moving and I wouldn’t have to fill out all those change of address cards.


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