Read What You Want and Enjoy the Experience

A couple of days ago while blog surfing I came across a blog about books and reading. Since reading is my favorite hobby, I took a peek at what this fellow had to say. Partway through his blog I about swallowed my tongue. His main theme on books and reading was that we should only read those books which will educate us and provide brain sustenance. Anything else to him was wasting valuable life time. Huh? I scrolled down a bit and sure enough he had some reading suggestions — poetry, nonfiction, educational stuff. Not a mystery or a steamy vampire story, or a Stephanie Plum caper to be found. Nothing spiritually uplifting. No humor at all. How boring, I thought to myself. Reading is not just about learning; it’s about immersing yourself in another world and letting your imagination get the better of your daily reality for awhile.

Now, I’m not saying poetry isn’t a good reading choice; and I like nonfiction books as much as the next guy. But to sit down away from the craziness of the day and devour a few hundred pages of who-done-it can be a lovely way to spend a few hours. Who cares if you retain all the information? I have hundreds of books on my shelves and half the fun is re-reading them! I agree one should stretch the reading limit and try something new and different occasionally. But this man actually called fiction books mindless and he had some harsh words for those who read them.

Reading for pleasure; Devoted Spouse and I love to recline on our respective couches and while away a rainy afternoon with our noses in books. I think I’ll pick up a novel right now…


3 thoughts on “Read What You Want and Enjoy the Experience

  1. I love fiction and really enjoy the hours I spend reading it. I don’t feel the need to continuously be educating myself and challenging my brain; a little literary entertainment is what I crave after a long day!

  2. What a “stuffed shirt”!! I imagine his conversation is as boring as his reading list.
    Yes, educate yourself if you are ignorant, but read because books are wonderful and better than anything TV can dish up…
    I just finished “Pillars of the Earth”. It was a great diversion while my husband was in the hospital. I was immersed in the Middle Ages with castles, monks, kings and villinous earls…it helped me greatly to block out IVs, NG tubes, suction apparatus and all manner of yuck…and I was able to be quiet while my husband slept…
    Read on…and enjoy…

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