I May Be Going in Circles, But At Least I’m Still Going

As Devoted Spouse will attest, I’m not good at navigation. He even bought a GPS for me so I wouldn’t get lost while driving. I’m just one of those directionally-challenged individuals and I’ve learned to accept that particular aspect of my character. Sometimes my issues with direction spill over to another part of my life and I get temporarily stuck in a navigation predicament.

As some of you know, I’m getting ready to start on a Master’s program. It took me 2 years to make up my mind and find my direction. Now that I know what I wish to pursue, it’s time to go forward. Unfortunately, I’m going in circles. Even though circular is somewhat of a direction, like pedaling on a stationary bike, you get nowhere fast.

All I’m trying to do is register for classes. Ever since applying, I have been inundated with emails, letters, postcards, and voicemails reminding me that it is not too soon to register for the fall semester. In fact, if I register now, I can save some money. Registering is not a difficult endeavor, especially with the technological wonder of my computer — just log in and sign up. The nice folks at school assure me that while I’m not fully accepted yet, pending transcripts of my last school, I am more than welcome to sign up for 6 credit hours in the upcoming semester. Okay. Online I went with the classes I want, my new student I.D. number, my password, and my handy dandy Discover card (just in case). While I could log into my new email account, I wasn’t allowed into the registration part. Why, you ask? Because I haven’t been fully accepted. But wait…the emails, cards, letters, and voicemails TOLD me to register. Catch 22. Going in circles.

Being the smart cookie I am…I called the 800 number for graduate admissions. I was answered by an automated system with the ladylike southern voice of Elizabeth Dole – okay, no it wasn’t really Elizabeth Dole, but it sounded just like her. I was so fascinated that I lost my place in the voicemail menu and had to start over. You all know what these voicemail systems are like — I had to press 1 for undergraduate or 2 for graduate, then I had to key in my student I.D. and press the “pound” key, then I had to hit another number for my particular issue, then it was something else, and something else, and something else, until finally I arrived at the place where I thought some real person would answer my questions and help me register, only to be told that they were experiencing a large number of phone calls and I could expect to experience an extensive delay in answering my call. An extensive delay? What does that mean… ten minutes, two or three days? A month? What? How long should I stay on the line — I’d already been on the phone 10 minutes just trying to get to a person. Going in circles. I hung up and decided I would do this again next week when maybe the number of calls had slowed down and the wait was more realistic. I really didn’t want to miss more than one meal while I was “holding” on the line.

I think my car GPS isn’t going to be enough; I need a life GPS.

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