Feeling Nostalgic

I love the aroma of Noxema skin cream. Really. So much so that I picked up a jar the other day at my local Target. I couldn’t wait to take off my face spackle that evening because I was going to use Noxema for that task. Well, it worked just as well as any high-priced face cream; got rid of all the gunk. And when I rinsed off my face, I felt good; my skin was soft and I had the lingering yummy smell of Noxema – a combination of camphor and eucalyptus and heaven knows what else.

Okay, what brought this on? I think it’s nostalgia. As I was walking the aisles at Target and saw the Noxema cream, I was transported back to my teen years and the beach at Ocean City, Maryland. I spent many happy hours there over a number of summers in my youth. Okay, some of the hours were not so happy — I don’t tan; I burn. Lobster burn – bright red – burn, peel, burn, peel. That’s where the Noxema came in. That’s what I would lather on my sunburned shoulders and face. It would soothe my irritated skin and it smelled so good. But you had to be careful not to use too much or it dried and caked and hurt like the dickens washing it off already raw skin.

So now I’m a Noxema “girl” again. And ya know what? My skin is nice and soft and clean and I’m not paying exorbitant Clinique or Mary Kay or whatever prices. Just plain old Noxema. Love it.

Nostalgia – other products I’d like to see return from my younger days: Breck Shampoo. Wow, it smelled wonderful and made my hair so nice and soft. And does anyone remember Spoolies? Those weird hair curlers we all loved? Here’s another one: Dippity-Do. That stuff worked wonders on a hairdo – and it was a good substitute if you needed mortar for your brick garden wall.

All of this brought on by one small jar of Noxema — ahhh the memories…

2 thoughts on “Feeling Nostalgic

  1. Ahhhhh…thanks for the memories. I too recall loading up on the Noxema after a day of burining in Ocean City! Yep…I remember Dippity Do as well (How old am I???). Let’s not forget those pink sponge curlers that Mom made us sleep in at night, so we’d have curly hair for a minute the next day. I remember the spoolies for that tight curl just in front of my ear! But we all looked great – in our pink bodysuit with pink polyester pants. Then as a teen, I loved wearing Jellies – so much more fashionable than today’s Crocs, don’t you think?

  2. I do miss my Jellies – now I’m an affirmed Croc-lover – yes they’re dorky looking but oh so comfy! Thanks for stopping by. Linda

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