Embarrassing Moments

Embarrassing moments…we all have them; I have more than normal it seems to me.

While watering the new lavender plants this morning, I tripped over the decorative iron fence that surrounds my herb garden and took what was probably an amazingly hilarious fall; right on my knees.  I thought the entire community heard the thud, it was so loud to me.  Hurt, too.  I picked up my dignity, grabbed the watering can, and trusty canine companion and I returned inside.  I arrived in the family room looking bedraggled, with the knees of my jeans wet and dirty, and announced to Devoted Spouse I felt like I had just broken both my knees.  Of course that was a minor exaggeration – had I broken both knees I wouldn’t have been standing in the family room.  Duh.  But it felt that bad.  So there I was in the family room stripping out of the wet jeans soaking up all the sympathy I could from darling hubby and trusty canine.  I was reminded of how many times I make these types of stupid mistakes — I can be scatterbrained and clutzy to put it mildly.

A couple of years ago I was at work and walking up the hallway with a lady co-worker.  Wearing new shoes (really nifty clogs) I remarked that these shoes felt so much better in the store than in actual wear; the right shoe in particular.  This lady had once been the manager of a shoe store and she suggested I take off the shoes and let her look at the offending one.  So I slipped my feet out of the shoes.  Color my face red when we both discovered that the source of my discomfort was the cardboard insert wrapped around the inside top of the clog.  Apparently I didn’t pay much attention to the filler they stuff inside the shoes before I wore them.  Duh. 

Another work related story — Devoted Spouse and I worked together for years at the local Air Force Base.  His cubicle was right down from mine and occasionally we would drive in together.  One day, I decided it was time to clean out my cube of some miscellaneous junk I had acquired and Devoted Spouse agreed to take the packed boxes out of the building by handcart and wait for me to swing by and pick him up.  Well the end of the day came, and I walked outside to the parking lot.  And I drove home.  I completely forgot about Devoted Spouse who, as I was driving home, was patiently waiting outside the building with a handcart full of boxes wondering where I was.  He finally went inside and called me at home.  You can imagine how stupid I felt when I answered the phone and realized what I had done.  

I always remind Devoted Spouse he should be truly thankful he married me; where else could he get such cheap entertainment? 



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