We’ve Got a Winner

After yesterday morning’s waistline-measuring debacle, Devoted Spouse and I decided we needed to have some fun.  About an hour’s drive from here is a small, just-over-the-state-line Indiana town called Lawrenceburg.  It’s a sleepy little town with fewer than 5,000 residents, some light industry, and not much going on…except CASINOS.  What better way to spend the day than parking your ample butt in front of slot machines, inhaling other people’s cigarette smoke, blasting out your ear drums with the sounds of bells clanging and silly musical tunes being played, and feeding all your discretionary (and some not-so-discretionary) income into a silver, shiny, machine covered with millions of bacteria from the not-so-immaculately clean fingers of other cigarette-smoking people trying their luck.  Yup, sounds like my kinda day.

I never quite understood when my friends at work would take a few days off and hit the casinos.  It seemed to me like a boring waste of time sitting at a table playing cards nonstop for hours or sitting in front of a slot machine hitting the same button over and over again only stopping when it was time to feed another twenty into its gaping maw.  Noise, bad dressers, booze, cigarette stink.  Why bother?

Because it’s fun.  It’s fun.  I know it’s psychological – obviously those casino folks know what they’re doing and every part of the experience has been designed with one thing in mind; separate you from your money.  I don’t have a problem with that.  Gambling is like many other aspects of life.  You must go into it with the knowledge that what you gamble will probably be lost.  AND – you must be able to walk away.  That’s the kicker and that’s why folks get in trouble; they can’t walk away. 

Fortunately, Devoted Spouse and I are not big gamblers.  Okay – I took a bit of money and knew I would, in essence, be throwing it away.  But then a funny thing happened.  I started to win.  I was cagey about it – I’d win a bit, cash out, and move to another machine.  I always held back a good part of my prior winnings.  The same thing kept happening.  I kept winning.  Then I hit a machine that looked like any other machine except when I hit the button there were these triple star things, and a line of number 7’s, some of which also had stars, and well, the music started playing and about 15 minutes later when it stopped I was over $300 richer from a $20 investment on a 2 cent slot. 

Wow.  Talk about fun.  Yes, I cashed that out and took all my little redemption slips to the redemption machine.  Devoted Spouse and I walked out with over $600 in our pockets.  Not bad for a few hours of mindless play. 



4 thoughts on “We’ve Got a Winner

  1. I could not help but smile, all the way through your delightful “how to waste your time and money and have fun while doing so,” blog. I had to smile because of what I had left on my blog not more then ten minutes ago. I also had to smile as I remember a scripture our beloved Abram Metz, pastor of the little Mennonite church to which I belonged so many years ago, delighted in using. . . “Almost, thou persuadest me”. Not really. My sister and brother-in-law once took me to a large casino in New Jersey just to show me what it was like. I lost seventy-five cents! Cured me for all time. But keep on having fun. You’ll have some nice memories later on.

  2. Not far, and a little south from where you all were, is a little town called Rising Sun, IN. It has casinos and it is a lovely place to go…Several years ago, my husband and I were riding the Harley on the 4th of July and it decided to break down in the country called “No where, Indiana”…some ABATE members lived closed by and the country store owner (miracles of miracles, the store was open) called the kind people and they came and picked us and bike up in their pick up truck…I was relieved for a moment until I noticed that I could see the road through the bed of their truck and I was waiting for the bike and us to fall through to the asphalt.
    They took us to their home and said that they would take us to ours (about 2 hours away) so that we could pick up our bike trailer, but first, they promised their grandkids that they could watch the fire works at Rising Sun. So…we all went. After the display (it was pretty good for such a small community) they took us up to their daughers house which was on a hill overlooking the casinos…it was breathtaking…
    Just thought that I would mention another little spot for you all to go throw away some time and money when you get the itch….*smile*

  3. thanks Shadowlands – we saw signs for Rising Sun and have put it on our list for future day trips. hugs, Linda

  4. I love casinos! Don’t get to go much but when I do I enjoy the heck out of it. I go in figuring I’m gonna lose the $$$ but I look at it as adult video machines 😉 Sometimes you get lucky and I did about a year ago and won $800 on a $0.02 machine and thought I only won $80, boy was that a nice surprise when I cashed out.

    You gotta get out and have some fun every now and then and I think casinos are amusement parks for us older folks…lol…

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