Food, Glorious Food

I’m feeling a bit peckish today – a result of my neverending saga of weight woes, no doubt.  A few weeks ago I took not just a family vacation, but a vacation from dieting.  Oh it was wonderful to not spend every waking moment worrying about every carb I was shoving in my mouth.  Interestingly enough, when given the option of overeating, I actually chose to stop when I was full.  What a new concept; stop eating when you’re full.  However, some of those “full” feelings came from some not-so-healthy food choices; cookies, pasta, and bacon — oh, how I love bacon.  As I write this post, the aroma of slowly-frying bacon is wafting through the room, gently tickling my senses with the delightful smell of rendered pork pieces-parts.  Devoted Spouse is fixing breakfast as I type away.  He’s having bacon and cheese-toast.  Yum.  I, on the other hand, scarfed down a Jenny Craig diet banana nut muffin.  Yes, indeed, I’m just stuffed to the gills from that measly concoction with its 3 lonely walnut morsels on top of a meager muffin.

Anyway…when I finally got back on the old diet horse, I discovered I had gained 3.5 pounds.  OMG – 34 hard-fought pounds lost and 3.5 of them had slithered their way back onto my thighs.  It was devastating.  I got off the bathroom scales and wanted to throw them (and my diet) out the window.  To spend months working off the weight and in a couple of weeks put 3.5 pounds back on.  Grrrr.

So back to the diet I go with a renewed sense of the goal — a slimmer me.  In the meantime, I simply have to accept this love/hate relationship I currently have with food and find a way to stop making food the center of my universe.  What scares me a bit is this is becoming almost an obsession with me – I am constantly thinking about what I can eat vs. what I want to eat.  Emotions are triggering some bad choices, too.  It’s easy to eat your way to happiness but it never satifies you the way you think it will. 

I’m seriously considering finding a support group – maybe something like Overeaters Anonymous.  There must be other people like me who have difficulty saying “no” to unhealthy food.  If any of you reading have had success with a group like this, please leave me a comment.  I’d like to know if this is a good idea or not.

Is it lunch time yet?



5 thoughts on “Food, Glorious Food

  1. Stop not eating what you are craving! I lost 50lbs eating (mostly) what I liked just eating smaller portions and eating more frequently. I cut out sweets though while I was dieting but other than that I pretty much ate what I like. Just be sensible and it will work. Hang in there and stay off the scale, it isn’t your friend. 😉

  2. 50 lbs! Wow you’re my hero. Thanks for the good advice – what I really need to do is STOP WHINING. grins, Linda

  3. You mentioned Overeaters Anonymous – I discovered this group when I was 49, 19 stone (266 pounds), and always thinking about food, and diets, and obsessing about what I could eat next. I just could not stick to a diet – as you describe, it was like a punishment to and constant struggle to exert my will over the food.

    That was five years ago, And the bizarre thing about OA is that it first asks me to admit I’m powerless over food – now wouldn’t that mean that I then just ate everything within sight? Well np, because by working the OA programme, I have found that the obsession – the craving – is removed from me, and I quickly lost 60 pounds and have kept that off for just over 4 years.

    One of my OA friends has maintained a 100 pound weight loss for 15 years, after being obese for something like 30 years – I also know people who came to programme with little weight to lose, but who were obsessed by food and food thoughts, and have found that relief here.

  4. Hi Derek – Thanks for your comments; they are quite helpful. I’ve been reading about OA and I like that they have incorporated the twelve-step program much like AA. I would very much like to stop wasting so much of my energy thinking about what I’m going to eat or not eat. It’s exhausting. Linda

  5. I have been struggling with compulsive over eating for about 5 years now. I tried OA meetings a couple years ago, went 5-6 times and didn’t like it. Two of them were lunch and dinner meetings and people brought their food in and ate it during the meeting (strange). But what I had the most problem with was nobody ever talked about their experiences, it was all “Let go and let God” type talk and nothing about the issues or anything… A lot of reading from the AA books.
    I just wasn’t impressed at all…

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