Kill the Rabbit, Kill the Rabbit

We have replaced two-thirds of the back yard garden for the third time now since early May.  What started out to be a great hobby in my retirement is rapidly becoming a nightmare.  My garden frequently looks like a war zone. 

I used to fantasize about early mornings gazing over my abundant garden while sipping a large yummy mug of my excellent coffee.  Lately I get up in the morning and dread going out to see what latest devastation has been wrought.  My garden is a raised bed and one would think it might be safe from varmints.  So wrong.

There are rabbits in my back yard that are the size of Rhode Island.  I think they’ve been irradiated somewhere and have produced nuclear bunny babies who are eating their way across my garden with a vengeance.  Bunnies don’t like tomatoes; that crop is safe.  They do enjoy red cabbage, zucchini, bush beans, swiss chard, acorn squash and cucumbers.  That’s what I’ve lost so far in a little over a month.  Oh yeah, they hit my herb garden and they decimated every marigold I planted.  These bunnies owe me.

Yesterday at the garden store I was relating my rabbit issues to one of the employees, a seemingly nice young man who was watering some cabbage plants.  His suggestion?  Plant a garden just for the rabbits and distract them from your true garden.  Pot-smokin’, pony-tailed nut case.  I don’t think so.  I did, however, buy more plants.

This morning, thanks to Devoted Spouse, the fence from hell was erected.  There are aluminum pans floppin’ around in the breeze as another scare tactic.  One more rabbit sighting and I’m gonna turn the garden into a bunker. 



2 thoughts on “Kill the Rabbit, Kill the Rabbit

  1. Do you live in my back yard?? If you think your rabbit is big you should see mine. In the 5 years I have be cultivating and spending unbelievable amounts of money on my flower and vegetable gardens the rabbits have enjoyed the cuisine and become quite chubby. Its amazing what damage they can do. Today I returned from the hospital where my mother is and checked a little garden of vegetables I had just set up on the side of the house. The rabbits had given 3 cauliflower a burr hair cut, munched down the branches of a grape tomato plant and belched as they continued on with dessert with three of my strawberry plants. Now like yours, this garden is surrounded with a new fence. The main veggie garden is wrapped in fencing an a net top that would stop any maurauder from entering–even me because it takes so long for me to undo the layers to pick my lettuce. I think sometimes its easier just to buy my lettuce in the market. But the one thing that got to me the most this spring was that they ate 7 star gazer lilies and about 15 absynnian gladiola bulbs I planted and was looking forward to cutting the flowers for my enjoyement. Silly of me wasn’t it–I should get enjoyment.

    My best to you–I hope they get the message with your fence……..if not let me know and I’ll send you my mother’s leftover warfarin tablets to munch on!!

  2. Hi Frank – You crack me up – your mother’s leftover warfarin tablets…what a hoot – the best I can come up with is some leftover hormone replacement therapy patches…maybe if I unwrap them and leave them in strategic garden places the rabbits will step on the patches and get stuck. No more nibbling! Hugs, Linda

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