Do That Again and I’ll Kick Out Your Headlights

There should be a special suite reserved in a ring of Hades for people who cut corners. Now I’m not talking about a building contractor who uses substandard materials. I mean those who are in the process of turning into a street, parking lot or establishment of some sort. It isn’t enough to turn without using a turn signal; using turn signals seems to be optional these days. No, these jokers start their turn ahead of time and instead of actually turning into the right lane, ease into it by using up my space. Yup, my space…that’s why it’s called my space; it’s mine.

This morning as I was coming out of the local grocery spot, I encountered more than a few of these corner cutters. I held my breath several times as an SUV, a pickup truck, and a sleek Lexus all missed me by a hairsbreadth while turning into the street I was attempting to leave.

Here’s my solution. Pull out as far as you possibly can without actually crossing into the line of traffic. That makes those corner cutters work harder because there is less of a corner for them to take advantage of. Put a big smile on your face and confidently own the space you occupy. NRA and associated gun stickers on both bumpers are optional.


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