Life is Full of Shouldas

This morning I’m thinking about all the paths we can take at any given time and how different our lives would be had we made other choices. Now before you worry I’m going to get all maudlin on you, I’m only talking about the little things in life that tend to trip us up.

For example, last night Devoted Spouse and I went out to one of our favorite restuarants for dinner in celebration of his birthday. Now, when you present a somewhat starving woman with a menu of delectable goodies, what do you think she will do? She will eat her way to happiness. She will indulge in a cocktail and then decide to throw caution to the wind and have another. She will give up any sense at all and order creme brulee, knowing full well what a bad decision that is. Shouldas. Shoulda settled for ice water (without lemon since we’ve been warned all waiters wipe the lemon slice on their noses before placing it on your glass). Shoulda skipped that humongous slice of bread and that slab’o’butter. Yes, we had our balsamic vinagrette on the side. That may have been the one and only healthy choice all evening. And instead of having one entree, I got the brilliant idea (note to self stop watching Top Chef) to include another entree as a “half-order” side dish because it sounded so yummy. Sure, gimme a side of lard and don’t forget to salt it liberally. Shouldas. I’m surrounded by shouldas.

Here’s another one. This morning Devoted Spouse and I were going over some financial stuff. In retirement, you are always concerned with various financial decisions. We laughed about some stock we invested in years ago just for fun. It wasn’t a lot of money and we bought the stock with the knowledge that we could lose that investment totally. Well, lo and behold, over the years this stock did very well. Very well indeed. Here comes the shoulda. As this stock that we bought for $9 a share hit over $60 a share, I pondered selling it and investing that money elsewhere. But, what if it continues to increase in value? Here’s the shoulda. Today it is worth about $16. Live and learn.

Shouldas — I’m surrounded by shouldas.


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